Here’s one reason–no, two reasons why this season of So You Think You Can Dance will sizzle a bit more.  One: Wade Robson.  Two: Shane Sparks.

They are, indeed, returning to the show to choreograph routines for the top 20.  This was confirmed by the contestants themselves, when they met up with the folks at Zap2it.

And, perhaps, it’s about time.  Then again, their departure from the show wasn’t really a falling out of sorts.  Both were just busy: Wade was doing choreography for Criss Angel’s show in Las Vegas, and Shane was judging America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV.  With the former wrapped up, and the latter not returning until August, they can return both to do those rocking routines, and give their take on how that was implemented, too.

Also set to return as judge and choreographer: Brian Friedman, who confirmed it himself on his Twitter page.  “Yes, I will be back on SYTYCD this season,” he wrote.  “Get ready!”  He was also busy with a few things, including a handful of commitments across the pond, including the time when he almost became a judge at The X Factor–before being relegated to creative director.

Finally, another peek at what these guys have to offer, again–that’s when So You Think You Can Dance finally kicks off the real nitty-gritty tonight on Fox, from 8pm.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: Zap2it, SYTYCDism
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