Nick Starcevic, the former professional football player from Minnesota, became the fourth person evicted from Big Brother 8 on Thursday.  Well aware of his fate, he spent his final moments giving a heartfelt speech to Daniele, the houseguest  he formed a special connection with that threw off his game plan.  Originally a part of the Mrs. Robinson Alliance with Mike, Zach and Kail, it quickly fell apart when his relationship with Daniele and her father, Dick, resulted in the MRA becoming prime targets.

Nick spoke with BuddyTV about his time in the house.  He discussed his opinions of other houseguests (including Daniele and Jen), who he thinks will win it all, and how he enjoys the America’s Player twist, despite the fact that it could have been the reason for his eviction.  He also elusively answered questions about the popular and rampant Internet rumors surrounding his sexual orientation, though he played dumb with respect to one famous conversation he had in the hot tub.  Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file.

Hi this is John from BuddyTV and we’re talking with Nick the latest evictee from Big Brother 8, how you doing Nick?

I’m doing great, thanks John.

Thank you. Obviously, it was obvious from your speech last night that you knew you were going to be evicted.

Yeah, I had a firm grasp of a knowledge, I had talked to a lot of the houseguests and I kind of got the feeling that I was on my way out, so I wanted to make my speech a meaningful one, and one that touched Daniele.

And now afterwards you found out about the America’s Player twist, and you seemed to be surprised.

I was very flabbergasted with the fact that Eric was America’s player and I loved it. I honestly loved it, I think Eric’s the perfect guy to pull it off within the house and I’ve always said he was a little sketchy and he does a lot of things late at night, and I’m kind putting two and two together, and its pretty neat to see how things are working out now.

And it definitely looked, from those of us watching at home, that when he voted to evict Kail last week, everything fell on you. Do you think that’s the primary reason you got evicted this week?

Yeah, I think that’s not the primary reason, I think there’s several reasons, but I think that’s the main reason, let’s say. I think that’s the main focus of the week, everybody was bringing it up to me they said, “Oh they think that you’re the second vote.” Which in fact, I was not. But yeah, that fell on me and kind of backfired, but I’m fine with that.

You mentioned your speech to Danielle, and I’m just wondering, was any of that strategy or performance or do you legitimately have feelings for her?

No, I legitimately have feelings for Daniele. I went in the house with one way of playing the game and I met Daniele and found out that I didn’t have it in me to hurt someone’s feelings like that. You know, I’m a very emotional person, and I fell for Daniele, and everything I said to her is real, and that’s why I kind of cozied up beside her and sidled up, and we tried to start our own little alliance there.

And with Daniele as the new head of household this week, who do think she’ll put up, who do you think is going this week?

I think, if I was a guessing man, that Jen is for sure going up and I would say another person that might go up is Eric. I think maybe they might be on to him, maybe not, maybe I’m just naive, but I think that its going to be Jen and Eric.

And who do you think is going to win the whole thing?

If I were to pick somebody to win the whole thing, I would go for Jameka, and I think it would be a good choice too because I think she’d use the money for good causes.

I definitely agree. Now for a lot of us, I’m just wondering, from an insider’s perspective, your opinion on a lot of things going on in the house.

Yeah, no problem

Dick versus Jen, that seems to be a big rivalry, a lot of people are on both sides, what’s your take on that?

If I were to pick sides, I would definitely pick Dick’s. Jen is very self-centered, Dick is very over the top and boisterous with his opinion. But a lot of times Jen deserves it. Probably not to the extent that Dick goes to, he probably crosses a line, but I like Dick, I like that he’s very opinionated. I feel that people should be allowed to express their opinions and I think Jen expresses her’s too much in a self-centered sort of way, and if I were to pick sides I would pick Dick in that one.

And what about Amber, because we always see her crying, does she really cry that much on the house?

Yeah, she cries probably more than what is portrayed on TV, but its the type of person she is, that’s a person who I came to love. She’s a very emotional person, I wanted to be the guy who she could cry on my shoulder and I thought she was a person… I’ve seen some clips now, that’s just part of the way you’ve got to play the game. But I really do feel that she’s an emotional person, she does feel bad she had to evict me, and that things went down like that.

And now that you’re done, do you intend to watch the live feeds and read all the internet coverage and keep up with what’s going on.

Yeah’ I’m definitely going to read the internet coverage and all that jazz, but I probably won’t get the live feeds because I live out in the boonies and we don’t pick up internet too well, so I won’t be able to watch like live webcasts. But yeah, the Showtime will go on, and the CBS thing will go on, and I’ll be constantly on the internet.

Do have any regrets about your time in the house?

No, no regrets whatsoever. It’s all been good and, like I said last night, it was made basically very enjoyable through the relationship between Danielle and myself.

And one of the things on the internet, I just have to ask about this, there’s now a video, a lot of the rumors about playing up the homosexuality, just wondering if you would address those issues?

Yeah, I’ve gotten asked that question a couple times today about homosexuality. I am definitely one hundred percent straight, I don’t know if something was taken out of context or anything like that. It was something with like Joe and I in the hot tub, somebody said. Definitely one hundred percent straight, had nothing to do with men ever. But I am a very comfortable guy with my sexuality, and I do find men attractive, and I can say that because I’m comfortable with my sexuality.

So the story you told Joe then was false, because there’s a video of you online admitting to performing a homosexual act?

Uh… yeah that’s what was told to me before, I never said anything about performing a sexual act before. I said that I kissed one of my buddies on the lips in a bar because of a bet, I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about.

Not exactly, but I’m certain you’ll go on the internet and read about it and find out and hopefully things will be clarified about that.

Yeah, hopefully.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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