On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 8, 26-year-old painting contractor Mike Dutz became the third person evicted from the house.  Mike was considered socially awkward by his fellow houseguests, and to home viewers, he made what is already being called the biggest mistake in show history when he provoked Head of Household Dick and got himself put on the block, leading to his current status as evicted.  Mike spoke to BuddyTV about his time in the house, his thoughts on fellow houseguests, and who he thinks will win it all.

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Hi, this is John from BuddyTV, and we’re talking with Mike Dutz who just got eliminated, or evicted, from the Big Brother house last night. How you doing?

I’m doing well, how about yourself?

I’m doing fine. Now, last night, did you see your eviction coming? Did you already know you were going home?

Yeah, I had a pretty good inclination that I was going, based on my campaigning toward the end of the evening on Wednesday. I could just see from body language, from the people who I really thought I had the votes from, that it was quite different from, you know, past conversations in the house. And at that time I kind of realized that I was probably the one going home, so I was well prepared for it and definitely expected it.

Did you know exactly, because a lot of the time with all the conversations going in the house, I imagine you know beforehand pretty much who’s going to get nominated or who’s going home. Did you expect it to be 7-2?

Um, initially no. I did not expect it to be 7-2. I thought it was going to be much closer on the scale as maybe 5-4. Maybe with me still having the possibility of staying in the house, I wasn’t exactly 100 percent that I was going to go home, but I was leaning towards that side.

Now, in your speech before you went off, you talked about honor and integrity and how you tried to keep all those in the game. Were you familiar with Big Brother before you got into the house?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I started watching Big Brother Season 6.

OK, so, did you really think that honor and integrity and those things were the kind of traits that they look for in a winner?

Well, you know, a winner in my eyes is something different than I guess a winner in maybe the Big Brother’s eyes are. I came into this game facing the challenge of going to the end intact with my integrity and myself having to lie and manipulate and plant a seed among the house. And I know that majority of the people are there to do that and they don’t have a problem with that but I thought it would be the greatest reward to get to the very end, with my values and beliefs are, and with the reward much more at that point to me than I think it would mean to somebody who lied and manipulated and created enemies along the way.

Now, in the show, in the past week and on the live feeds, it really looked like Dick as Head of Household was kind of losing it a bit. Is that accurate?

Yeah, that is completely accurate. He was kind of on an ego trip, coming off the block, you know, he was definitely up for eviction, and he was able to go out and win HoH, just on a big power trip, and I think he kind of wanted people to be his puppets and to do as he said, and not everything was going down his way, and he flew off the handle very easily because I think he really expected people to believe that it was his week and it was his rules and his way.

And now with Dustin as the HoH, who do you think he will nominate and who do you think is going home next week?

I would imagine it’s gonna be between Jen and Zack that he’s going to nominate, one of them. And I believe that it’s going to be Zack going home.

OK, and who do you think is going to win the whole thing? Who do you think can last it out?

Right now, I’ve got my bet on Eric.

On America’s Player?

On America’s Player.

How did you react when you found out about that twist?

I was certainly surprised, I had no idea that there was another twist involved in the house, and a great twist, a funny twist at that, and I do plan on participating in that as I watch along now with the rest of the season.

Were you at least pleased to find out that America wanted you to stay in the house, and that they wanted Kail out?

Yeah, that was great news to me, definitely uplifting, and it made me feel like people were behind me and my actions and what I decided to do.

You said you were going to follow along with America’s Player. Do you intend to follow along watching the live feeds and reading the internet and keeping up with everything that goes on?

Yeah, absolutely.

Do you see yourself maintaining relationships with any of the houseguests after the game is over?

Yeah, I see myself maintaining relationships with a couple of people that I live closer to. I think it would be hard with people of further distances, but I would like to keep in contact with everybody at least through email, just to see how people are doing and what’s going on in their life.

Now that you’ve been through all of this, looking back, would you still apply to be in Big Brother, knowing everything that you know and what it’s like to be in the house?

Yeah, absolutely. I had a great time, a great experience, and I took away great memories with it that will last a lifetime, so I would definitely do it all over again.

OK, and what is in store for the future for you? Are you going to use this to propel any sort of career in the entertainment industry?

You know, it’s going back to how life was before the Big Brother house, going back to painting houses, and if by chance something comes along because of this, I certainly would look into it and possibly move in that direction, but you know, I’m just very humble about the experience, and as of right now, my plans are to just remain with painting.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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