Months ago the rumor circulated that ABC’s hit Lost would be coming to Blu Ray High Definition disk with the release of its third season.  The network quickly denied the rumor, dashing the hopes of Lost-philes everywhere.  The increased resolution of Blu Ray, 1080 lines vs Lost’s 720 HD broadcast standard, coupled with the formats superior bandwidth – less noise, more clarity – would be a boon for fans obsessed with examining the often obscure and hazy hidden images and text scattered throughout Lost.  Of course, the improved resolution would be just fine for casual viewers as well.  Today, despite Disney’s previous denial that the set exists, began taking pre-orders for the Blu Ray set.  Is it on, or not?

Over the past few days surfers have sniffed out this listing for Lost The Unexplored Edition on Blu Ray disc.  There are very little details on the listing aside from a release date of December 11th, and that the set will be on six discs, which is pretty standard.

The initial report of the set prompted a lot of Lost fans to ask “What Blu Ray player should I buy?”, in fact Blu Ray players are still quite expensive with the Playstation 3 being the best seller at the moment.  The next technical challenge is finding an adequate television.  Until recently, most HDTV’s simulate 1080 lines through technical trickery called ‘interlacing.’  For true 1080p performance, you’ll have to shop carefully and with plenty of dough in your pocket.

Before you over zealous Lost fans blow your hard earned cash in the pursuit of the proper viewing environment there is just one matter left to settle:  is the Lost Blu Ray set happening or not? Amazon is not exactly known for selling vaporware, so it seems highly unlikely they would create the listing on a lark. 

Yesterday, I posed the question to a literal stable of publicists at ABC and practically every one of them stated they had not heard of the set.  In the end I was forwarded to the person who would definitely know, and so far have not received a reply.  Sometimes, in this business, no reply is as good a statement as “no comment,” but it occasionally means “I don’t have time to talk to you.”  My gut reaction is the silence at the end of line is saying “Wait until Comicon.”

When I spoke with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse several months back about the possibility of an HDTV set of some sort they themselves were unaware of any plans to do one.  However, at that time only a few shows had experimented with the formats, Smallville being one, so the marketability of the sets was an unknown.  Since that time several shows, including Heroes, have jumped on the HDTV disk bandwagon.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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