Kate Gosselin has so far denied the rumors about her diva attitude on the Dancing with the Stars set.  Unfortunately, the stories continue to haunt her.  Worse, they even come from one of her co-stars on the competition.

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Us Magazine talked to dancer Mark Ballas during the grand opening of Drai’s Hollywood in West Hollywood last Wednesday.  He admitted that he found the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star rather distant and a bit cold towards him.

“I’m not the type of person to judge, and I’m not going to be like ‘I don’t like [Kate],” Mark Ballas said.  “But, I mean, she’s pretty, you know, standoffish, which is kind of weird.”

Apparently, Jon and Kate Plus 8 matriarch Kate Gosselin wasn’t really into making friends on the reality dance show.  As we heard before, she’d much rather focus on winning the contest.

Dancing with the Stars staple Mark Ballas went on: “She has a great partner, Tony [Dovolani] who is a dear friend of mine, so I’m sure he will whip her into shape.  Whatever you can get out of that!”

Even Shannen Doherty, also participating on this season of the show, relayed her thoughts on the aloof Kate Gosselin.  The actress described her first meeting with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom and said, “I don’t really know her, but when I met her she wasn’t kind of like, ‘hello’ or anything.  I say ‘hey,’ and she was like ‘oh hey.’ I was like, ‘Okay!'”

Still, Kate Gosselin continues to refute any of these claims.  She’s already appeared on The View recently to straighten things out, but she probably hasn’t heard of what Mark Ballas and Shannen Doherty have revealed.

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Calling the rumors “untrue, unfounded, ridiculous,” the Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom certainly prefers to laugh off the tall tales and just keep on dancing.  Perhaps unwavering concentration will be her strategy for Dancing with the Stars.

Source: Us Magazine
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