John and Natalie have survived the elimination room more times than any other team this season of Beauty and the Geek.  This week, however, the rules were changed on them, and they were eliminated as a result of a unanimous vote by the two challenge-winning teams.  John, the MIT graduate, and Natalie, the Hooters girl, spoke to BuddyTV together about their experience on Beauty and the Geek.  Read on to see what they had to say.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview.

Hey everybody this is Debbie from BuddyTV and I’m talking to John and Natalie from Beauty and the Geek. Hey guys.

John: Hi.

So you didn’t have a normal elimination round in last night’s episode, and this time you were kind of voted off Survivor style. How did you feel about that?

Natalie: I felt it was very unfair that we didn’t have an actual elimination room we were sent to, and that all the studying that we did, definitely did not pay off for that round. I felt that maybe If they did have an elimination round, we’d still be there. I was very hurt by that. I was very upset. I knew as soon as they said that, I looked at John and said: ‘Yup, we’re goin’.’

John: Yeah. It was certainly very disappointing. A tough way to go. Natalie and I did well in our challenges that week and thought we could perform again in the elimination room. And I think also especially with Jen and William having trouble, potentially thinking about wanting to go, it’s hard. The thing is, we had a good run. We had a great time there and I feel like I got a lot of things that I wanted to get out of it so I can’t be too upset.

Yeah, you guys really did have a good run. You were one of the favorite teams among readers of our site, so we were all sad to see you go.

John: Thank you.

Natalie: Yeah. Thanks.

John: It’s really fun to read and see everyone really excited about the show.

You guys were a really strong team, and they probably voted you out because they wanted to get rid of the strong competition. Who did you consider to be your biggest threat?

Natalie: I think it was definitely Sam and Nicole.

John: Yeah. I would agree with that. You know, they sent us to elimination twice and I think Sam was the key factor in our elimination last night.

Natalie, you swore revenge on Sam after the last elimination which you survived. And then last night there was some footage of you trying to use your feminine wiles against him. What were you trying to accomplish by that?

Natalie: Um. Yeah. With the revenge I was definitely very unhappy that he sent our closest friends home. And to see Hollie and Josh go and then Erin and Jesse was very sad. So my whole goal was to try to get rid of Sam and Nicole and one of the tactics I wanted to use was talking to him and trying to … I guess. Well, see, we were the two strongest teams and he knew that. And I felt that we’d be the last there. And then whoever won would think: ‘Hey, I actually defeated the other strong team.’ It would be us two together fighting … rather than if we got kicked off it’d be just an easy win. It’d be: ‘Oh yeah. I won.’ Instead of: ‘Hey, I actually had this challenge and it took a while, but I finally won.’ I was definitely a good amount intoxicated at the time I did it. So my plan didn’t work out as much as I wanted it to. I should have done it sober, it probably would have been a little more effective, to say the least. I did get the point across that even if I was several tequilas into it…

Who among the contestants this season do you think has most changed?

Natalie: I feel that Shay and Joshua have changed the most so far. Joshua is a very, very hilarious man. They’ve learned a lot. Shay’s learned so much and Shay’s learning … they try very, very hard. They study really hard. They might not understand much of what they’re doing, but they really help each other. I’ve seen them really, really improve.

John: I would agree with that. I think they put a lot of effort into it. They’re really, really open to the whole experience. I think the other team I would mention is David and Jasmine. I think the fact that going in David told her that she was his last choice, and the fact that they kind of got over that and made the best of it I think says a lot.

Yeah, for sure. And he did that round-off back handspring, was that for real?

Natalie: That was amazing. At first I was like: ‘Wow. I know I drink a lot, but did that just happen? I’m imagining things right now.’

Josh: Yeah. He had been talking about being able to do that. I’m not sure if we thought he was going to be able to do it, but he did and it was amazing.

Natalie: Oh yeah it was. It was awesome.

Yeah. That was definitely the highlight of last night’s episode. What has been your favorite challenge so far?

John: I would have to say the prom challenge. I mean just because one of the things I wanted to get out of the show was a new look and work on kind of meeting people for the first time. And I think I kind of got both of those out of that. And I was able to be successful at that I think was a really, really great experience for me.
Did you keep your look after the show?

John: I haven’t been doing a good job keeping up with it, but I would like to keep up with it. So it’s something I need to continue to work on. I really like the way my hair looks in the show.

Natalie how about you? What was your favorite challenge?

Natalie: My favorite challenge? Oh, gosh. I like the Mayan challenge a lot. It helped with my memory. It kind of tested my memory and how well I’ve been improving with it. So I really liked that challenge because it showed that I could memorize a good amount of information and still be able to, with all the nervousness and the challenge, still be able to work through everything. It was a lot of fun, being there in Mexico and everything. So, that would probably be one of my favorite challenges. I also like the one of painting on John’s body. It was really funny because, before the makeover … I was like: ‘Okay John, where’s your ear? You don’t have one.’ And I said: ‘Because your hair is covering everything.’ It was real fun. I could see him giggling because I guess I definitely didn’t mean to tickle him, but I guess tickled. So that was kind of funny. It was a fun challenge.

Who do you think will make it all the away?

Natalie: I think Sam and Nicole have the best shot at winning.

John: Yeah. I definitely thing they’ll make it to the final two.

Who are you rooting for?

John: I’m rooting for David and Jasmine. I was really impressed they got over their initial struggles. David kind of talked to me after Jesse and Erin left to see how I was doing and I was really kind of touched by that, so, I think he’s a great guy and I’d like to see him win.

And Natalie who are you rooting for?

Natalie: Joshua and Shay. For the most part, I think they’ve grown a lot and they work really hard. I like David. He tries, and I think him and Jasmine have worked hard and improved with each other and their relationship. The only reason I would choose Shay and Joshua over them is that Jasmine I feel hasn’t really improved with herself. She’s never once picked up a book to study, whereas Shay studies a ridiculous amount. Over and over and over again, where Jasmine didn’t really try to study so much. I felt that they more improved on their team relationship, which is great, but not with Jasmine and anything else.

And what’s next for both of you now, now that you’re done with the show?

John: Well, I’m working on my Masters thesis with an analog circuit company in San Jose, California. So I’m going to keep doing that. And I think I would like to learn to surf while I’m in California. So I know some friends at work who can do that, so that’s cool.

Natalie: I’m trying to continue to model and I eventually want to move to LA. I haven’t talked to Erin yet of course, but during the show, Erin and I talked about living together in LA. So hopefully we can still do that. So that’s sort of my plan right now. Also with Hooters I’m doing some calendar signing this fall. So that’s a lot of fun and definitely helping out.

Cool. And finally, you probably haven’t been in contact with any of your friends from the house … I’m not sure if you’re allowed to do this, but if they’re reading our site, is there anything that you wanted to say to them?

Natalie: Yeah. There are a lot of things Id like to say. Like, Erin and Jesse and Hollie and Josh: I miss you guys a lot. I also miss a lot of the cast. I wanted to tell Nicole that, I know we have … I definitely want them to win, but on who to have nominated she kind of stepped up for John and I during their discussion about who they were going to eliminate, going against Jen and William. So I kind of wanted to say thank you for sticking up for us. She didn’t have to. That was very generous.

Yeah. Absolutely. How about you John?

John: Yeah. I just want to tell everyone that I can’t wait to see them again. That it was really great being able to share the experience with everyone.

Natalie: Yeah, all the beauties were great. Shay was just awesome. She taught a lot of people a lot of things. And Josh is just very hilarious. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from each cast member there. And they’ve all helped me understanding some things within life. I’m very glad that each one of the made it in the cast.

-Interview conducted by Debbie Chang


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