In a Rasmussen Report telephone survey, results showed that in a race versus Republican Rudy Giuliani and Democrat Hilary Clinton, comedian Stephen Colbert would receive 13% of all votes, this just a week after Colbert’s maybe/sort of/probably fake announcement of his candidacy for President.  Those numbers are staggering and, from all I can tell, look to be legitimate results of a legitimate survey.  Host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert announced last week on The Daily Show and his own show that he would be running for President.  Though this has widely been regarded as a means to gain comedic mileage out of the political process and a ploy to sell books, the Colbert ’08 campaign has taken on a life of its own. 

People, politicians, pundits, haters – they’re getting scared.  Stephen Colbert will not be our next President, not under any circumstances, but if he decides to follow through and place himself on the Republican and Democrat primary ballots, he could definitely shake things up.  He has avid supporters, mostly among the country’s youth.  The Facebook group “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T. Colbert” has hit the million mark in six days, and became the fastest growing Facebook group in the website’s history.  It has more members than any other Facebook political group.   

The Colbert Report
is dark this week, but once it returns, we can expect Stephen to milk this situation for all its worth.  He’s already appeared on shows like Meet the Press (where he discussed Senator Larry Craig as a possible running mate) to further solidify his commitment to the campaign. No one knows how far Colbert will take his campaign, but the response thus far has to be much bigger than Colbert had expected.  I wonder if Colbert regrets announcing himself as a candidate.  He’s now caused such a ruckus that he almost has to see it out, for at least a while. 

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Rasmussen Report
(Image Courtesy of Comedy Central)

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV