On Beauty and the Geek this week, the geeks’ had their much needed makeovers.  Armed with advice from their partners and personal styling assistants, the geeks went shopping for hip new clothes, and they went to professional stylists who snipped and dyed their hair.  A few unfortunate ones even had to suffer through the dreaded wax.

BuddyTV gathered photos of the geeks before, during and after their makeovers.


Jesse has his hair dyed a bleach blonde, just like his partner Erin. In terms of clothes before the makeover, Jesse said, “I’m driven completely by price over style. I do all my shopping off the 85% off rack.”


Dave got rid of the glasses, got his hair colored and cut, had his chest wax. Despite his dislike for denim, the fashion team convinced him to try out a pair of new jeans.


William got rid of the glasses and had his hair dyed red. “I walked in there and all eyes were on me.. and for once it didn’t feel awkward. There was no anxiety.”


Joshua got new glasses, a hair cut, and a new suit. Before the makeover, he said, “Shay has pretty much criticized everything I have. My shorts are faded, my suits are outdated, my outfit is just plain hated.”


Nicole got a new hairstyle, new outfit and makeup done. “I’m feeling pretty good right now. I think my makeover went VERY well. They actually did some of the things I was hoping they would do. It was just a great moment. I’ll probably remember it for a long time to come.”


Luke got his hair dyed a darker brown, a new hair cut, eyebrow trim, and new outfit. “Really? this is all I had to do? Because, had I done this five years ago, that’s all I had to do – cut, maybe dye, that would’ve saved me A LOT of grief and hassle.”


John got a new haircut, got rid of the glasses and got a new outfit. “The reaction from the beauties was unbelievable. It was epic. “

(Photos courtesy of CW)


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