Last week on Beauty and the Geek, Sam won the beauties’ debate challenge and Will won the geeks’ rap challenge. In the elimination room, Amanda and Tony were sent packing, leaving nine teams remaining in the competition.

Right after the elimination ceremony, Natalie and John go back upstairs where everyone else is waiting for them. Everyone screams and cheers for them, and they all decide to open up some champagne and celebrate. John toasts to friendship and camaraderie, while Jasmine just gets toasted. Hollie catches Will’s interest. He is impressed that Hollie is into geeky things like Sealab.

They all decide to play Truth or Dare. Some highlights include Rebecca doing a sexy dance for John, making him feel delighted but incredibly awkward. Sam is dared to take off his shirt and do a sexy male stripper dance for Nicole, but Nicole has personal space issues, so he does the dance for Rebecca instead. Sam also asks Nicole if she finds anyone in the house attractive. She answers yes, but doesn’t specify whom. This gives Dave a tiny, flickering flame of hope that maybe it’s him whom she likes because she certainly does it for him. Aww, geek love! I am totally rooting for them! Plus, they both live in Boston, so they could totally meet up after taping the show!

Meanwhile, Sam and Rebecca get cozy in the corner. They leave to go make out in Rebecca’s room. Sam actually says, “Can I smooch you?” leaving me to wonder if he isn’t really a geek after all. Rebecca is clearly torn about the liaison because on the one hand, they both have the same zodiac sign, but on the other hand, he is distracting her from the competition.

It is time for this week’s challenges. The beauties must learn human anatomy. They spend an afternoon ostensibly studying, but really chatting about how Sam’s and Rebecca’s trysts are changing the dynamic of the house. Hollie, who used to spend a lot of time with Rebecca, is sad that Sam is taking up all her time. When the geeks come back, they help their partners study by donning spandex suits with internal organs on them. As they study, Hollie and Josh bicker like an old married couple, Katie dreams of becoming a doctor’s wife and Jasmine hides behind her credentials as a babysitter for not knowing any organs. Rebecca is confident that she’s got this challenge in the bag because she’s studied anatomy for her massage therapy training.

The beauties’ guest judge of the week is Dr. Robert Trelease, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at UCLA. Based on his appearance and academic credentials, I’d say that he might make a fearsome competitor on Beauty and the Geek himself.

The beauties’ task is to locate and draw using finger paint various organs on their geek partners, who are standing in a row dressed in boxers, or a tank top and underwear in Nicole’s case. Jesse has pretty decent muscle tone, lending credence to my initial thought that he is a fake geek.

Shay and Sam do not know left from right and Erin thinks that the earlobe is the entire outer part of the ear. They get eliminated. In the next round, everyone but Rebecca and Jen get eliminated for not knowing where the appendix is. Jasmine draws a smiley face on Dave’s belly, thinking that she might hit the appendix if she smears enough paint on him.

Although Jen is really hopeful, she loses the challenge to Rebecca after incorrectly drawing a nasal septum on the side of William’s neck. Rebecca is the winner!

The geeks’ challenge this week is to learn the art of courtship by creating the ultimate romantic gift basket. The beauties will judge their favorite, without knowing whose basket is whose.

The geeks are brought to a farmer’s market and given $100 dollars each to create their baskets. Nicole is confident that she knows a thing or two about what girls like, but needs to ask a male cashier if her items are girly. Joshua buys a strawberry cream pie, which immediately gets smushed, and he manages to get serenaded in Hungarian at a bakery counter. Jesse says that girls like pink, stickers and unicorns. Will is pleased to discover that his basket has a fall theme. Josh, the president of the rubber band club at Berkeley buys a Frisbee for his basket. I happen to be obsessed with Frisbee and I honestly think that giving a girl a disc is the utmost in romantic gestures. Josh, if you’re reading this, call me!

My immediate reactions to the baskets turn out to be almost the opposite of what the beauties decide. Well, I think we’re all agreed that Joshua’s smushed pie is not working. But Rebecca makes fun of Josh’s Frisbee (what??), and everyone loves Will’s and Jesse’s, which are the top two favorites. I thought Jesse’s unicorns and stickers were more appropriate for 8-year-old girls, but I guess this is why I’m not a beauty. In the end, the beauties choose Will’s to be the winning basket, his second challenge win in a row.

Since both Rebecca and Will won both of their Beauty and the Geek challenges, they must choose both teams to go to elimination. Before they do, it’s storytime in Will’s room. He decides that he is very gifted in voice and recitation and decides to read them The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. In an excellent bit of editing, footage of Will’s reading is interwoven with Sam and Rebecca’s hook up on Sam’s bunk bed, each action escalating in a crescendo of intensity and volume.

Afterwards, Rebecca tells Will that his reading was not well-received with the other members of the Beauty and the Geek mansion. They thought that Will was wielding his power a bit too enthusiastically. Rebecca concedes that she is having problems too, and admits that she needs to work on her distraction, Sam.

After everyone has assembled on the staircase, Rebecca chooses Hollie and Josh to go to elimination. She chooses them because Hollie is already smart and geeky and Josh is already sweet and charming, and they don’t have as far to go as some of the other teams. Hollie wins my heart by being adorable and by saying to the confessional cam that if she survives elimination, then Rebecca will certainly be in trouble.

Will chooses Erin and Jesse, and his reason is that they are both strong competitors but he hasn’t seen either of them interacting very much with the other teams. Erin starts to cry immediately. She thinks that Will is wrong in his assessment and says that it is he who hasn’t interacted much with her, and not the other way around.

Hollie and Erin go first to the elimination room. Erin knows that the human brain weighs three pounds. Hollie correctly answers that there is one spleen in the human body. Erin knows that putting ones phalange up one’s nasal cavity means picking one’s nose. Hollie knows that a man’s largest organ is his skin. The score is dead even, and now it’s up to the guys.

Jesse knows that a loofah was once alive. Josh knows that yellow roses signify friendship. Jesse correctly identifies “ddf” in online dating slang to be “drug and disease free.” Unfortunately, Josh doesn’t know which anniversary is the leather anniversary. He guesses fourth, but it’s really ninth. That means that Erin and Jesse get to stay in the Beauty and the Geek competition, but Hollie and Josh must pack their bags and go home. I am incredibly sad to see them leave because both Hollie and Josh were adorable and smart and cute.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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