If there’s one thing you have to admire about The Onion Alliance this season on Survivor: Gabon, it’s that they have been loyal to one another and honest in their interviews.  They were slightly bitter after being voted out, as they should be.  Marcus, Charlie, Randy, and Corinne were a strong group of players who were outwitted and eliminated by much weaker players Crystal, Kenny, and Sugar.  On last night’s episode, Corinne was sent home, which means that Bob is the only remaining member of her alliance left in the game and the odds are seriously against him.  Today, Corinne spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and explained why some people may have seen her as fake in the game but makes sure that nobody perceives her as a phony in real life!

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

So I was catching a little flack from the BuddyTV readers because I was defending you yesterday and I was saying that I didn’t think you were very fake this season, after Sugar called you out last night. Did you think that you were being fake in the game?

Well, I mean, it’s Survivor. What I was explaining to Sugar was that, if I was rude to everyone’s face… you know, you see in some tribals where Crystal goes at it with people. That’s just not good gameplay. The point is to have enough self-control to save that for the confessionals and make everyone think that you like them. So I mean, if that’s phony, sure. Then yeah. I totally was. I mean, that’s the whole point. That’s playing the game. In real life, I would’ve strangled Sugar. You don’t do that in game, you know?

Well, what was your strategy, originally, going into the game?

I wanted to be a very strong female player because I thought, in the beginning at least, you keep the athletic people around so you can win and not go to tribal. I initially thought I wanted a tight alliance of three and I wanted somebody I needed and somebody who needed me. I picked Marcus to be the person I needed, because he’s a powerhouse and I picked Bob as the person who would need me. But then, I ended up with Jacquie and Charlie and then surprisingly, Randy, who was amazing, but going in, that’s what I had intended on doing.

Speaking of Randy, did it make you mad what Sugar and the others did to him with the fake idol?

Actually, it was the first time that everyone could see Sugar’s true colors so it was really unfortunate but if that’s what helps America see what kind of person she really is, then you know what? It was all worth it.

When Marcus and Charlie were eliminated, by the time that happened, were you pretty screwed as far as alliances went and saving yourself?

Yes, but I’m a fighter. No matter what, I was still going to come up with something. I was still strategizing. When Marcus got voted out, that was the beginning of the crumble but I still fought. I still felt like I had a shot at it. I thought, “We’ll figure this out.” It’s… it didn’t happen but I certainly made a good run for it.

Randy said that if Crystal, Kenny and Sugar were in the final three, he would literally walk off the set. Do players like them upset you and do you want to see them win this game?

Well, the only person left in the game that I wanna see win is Bob. What I will tell you is this: there are two power things in this game. There’s the person that gets the million and then, there’s the people that vote for the million. Right now, you’ve got this… it’s a seven member jury. The first four people are: me, Marcus, Charlie, and Randy and we’re connected at the hip. We’re gonna decide who gets the million and we won’t give it to who we don’t like. I don’t know who will win but I can tell you for sure who isn’t going to win it.

I know it stinks to be voted out of the game but do you like having that power in the jury? You guys basically will decide who wins.

Oh yeah, it’s amazing because now, you see as we go into tribal council, they’re scrambling. They know… honestly, how stupid can you be? There are four people. The smart thing to do… there’s five in our alliance. They can’t all be in the finals, right? It’ll either be final two or final three. The move is to jump ship and go with the other group. We’ll take you to the end. Then, you wouldn’t have me or Bob getting on a jury with our fellow peers and our alliance friends. It’s so stupid! You stick me up there, especially for someone like Sugar, who knew I hated her. You stick me up there… you have absolutely assured… I will make sure you don’t win a million dollars. Stupid move.

Do you still have bitterness to this day towards these people or have you let it go?

It’s really not a matter of… there are people I don’t like and there are people I like. That’s the thing about me. If I was fake then, after the show, I would say, “Let’s bury the hatchet. Let’s be friends. We shared an amazing experience together.” I promise you that won’t happen. If I didn’t talk to you on the show, I will not talk to you in real life.

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