Yes, this is still around.  Bad Girls Club season 3 returned last night, introducing a brood of “bad girls,” who allegedly “recognize that their outrageous behavior has hindered their relationships, careers and lives.”  Last night’s season premiere saw the seven new cast members, consisting of Ailea, Amber B., Amber M., Kayla, Sarah, Tiffany and Whitney, as they move in together in a luxurious L.A. mansion.

Ailea, who claims herself to be very sexual, can be described as feisty and rich, while Kayla seems to have an obnoxious tough attitude as she reveals that she works for phone sex to help pay the bills.  Obviously, there are two Ambers in this season’s line up.  Amber B., who hails from the Pennsylvania, claims to be “ultra competitive” and doesn’t want any girl to be “prettier, smarter or wittier” than her.  Amber M, on the other hand, comes from Arizona and is also fond of sex.

Aspiring to be a Playboy Playmate is Sarah, who got married at the age of 19 and divorced by 21.  Then there’s Tiffany, who seems to be an anger management case, and Whitney, who proudly declares that she’s from Boston repeatedly.

Judging from the first episode of the Bad Girls Club season 3, these personalities are certainly expected to clash, seeing that they never seem to care that there are cameras capturing their binge-drinking, fighting, random hookups and other drama.  While the Bad Girls Club sounds like almost any other reality show, these girls are seriously above and beyond.

“We look for cast members who have strong personalities, a take no prisoners approach to life and hopefully some heart.  We also want the women to have some realization that their ‘bad girl’ qualities can get in the way of successful relationships and careers.  The women have to want to learn how to better control their ‘bad side’ of their personalities,” producer Jon Murray said.

The show is crude, rude and pointless, but sort of addictive to some people.  To find out more about these girls, catch the Bad Girls Club season 3 every Tuesday at 10pm on Oxygen.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Oxygen, Monsters and Critics
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Kris De Leon

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