Brian Hart was an ambitious player, you have to give him that.  It’s always an unfortunate honor to be the first person eliminated on a high-profile reality show, but few go out with the bang that Brian managed to on Big Brother 10.  Brian came into Big Brother with the idea that he would mastermind the game, that the strategy would begin the second the houseguests walked through the front door.  While the other houseguests eventually caught wind of Brian’s big plans, his actions have become an instigator for Big Brother 10, and have kicked the fame into high gear.  For that, we have Brian to thank.  We talked to Brian earlier today about his time on the show, what we can expect going forward, and what he’s got planned for the near future.

This is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I’m here with Brian from Big Brother 10.  Brian, how’s it going?

Oh, pretty good.  Yourself?

Pretty good.  It’s been a long day of interviews for you.  What’s the worst question you’ve been asked?

The worst question I’ve been asked was probably sitting with Evel Dick and I was put in some awkward situations when we got into questions about the dental dam I used for the puppet show, so that was definitely one of the weirdest questions I’ve been asked.

Looking back at your Big Brother experience, how close was it to what you expected going in?

Not anything close.  The season I had seen prior was Big Brother 7 so in those regards it was nothing like Big Brother 7.  That was really the experience I had, so when I went in I went in guns blazing like in season , those all-stars.  They started playing the game the moment they walked into the house.  So when I had the same mentality and was expecting opposition to show up at some point, they never did, there was nobody there. That ended up moving too quickly and ended up being my downfall.  That aspect was definitely most different from what I expected. 

When you realized there would be no opposition, did you try and change your game play or did you think it was a little too late?

You know, it always could have worked.  Unfortunately, the plan I had put together was based on the trust of a few individuals and a small few individuals which was the four: Jerry, Dan, Myself and Ollie, and as long even three of those four operated to the game-plan it was still fixable, even with what had happened.  If Jerry had come to me and said ‘This is what these eight are trying to do”…as everyone saw, the herd was fickle.  They were always easy to sway back and forth.  There was really no unifying force walking up their with an ultimatum.  But, he just got scared and went a different direction.  By the time I realized the play was over, it was at the Veto ceremony when i realized that Ollie and Jerry had flipped and that was really too late.

It was weird to have such a big game changing moment this early in the season.  Doesn’t it seem like that PoV ceremony is going to change the course of the season?  Had you stayed on, it would have totally changed the game.

What’s going to happen is it’s going to change everything.  These people would have sat back on their heels for the next three weeks and you guys would have been watching them wondering when they were going to start playing the game and to show their cards.  I guess I’m not a patient person. I wanted to start playing the game, so by them all making this move everybody kind of got to see each other’s cards.  Once that happened, you got to see that Dan was a faithful person, that Jerry was easily manipulated, that Ollie would go with April no matter what happens.  Now, they not only have a little showmance brewing, but they also have an obvious alliance.  It exposed Memphis’s buddies, it exposed Jessie’s true colors.  It really showed everything.  So now everyone has their cards on the table and they’re like “Oh crap, we thought we could skate for awhile.”  It’s funny because I always told everyone that if I find out I’m leaving at least I’m gonna give everyone a show before I take off and, hey, the last twenty four hours got pretty exciting. 

Last night on the show you said that Memphis is the frontrunner in your mind to win it all.  Has anything changed since you left the house that might change your opinion?

Absolutely not.  No.  The reasons are pretty simple.  His charisma, his strength and his intelligence played the correct way will be very, very hard to beat.  I kind of had said one thing to Evel Dick earlier today when he was doubting it:  People will get their chances to take Memphis out this season.  But they’re not going to get many and the question is going to be are they gonna have the guts to pull the trigger when they need to, because they’re going to have to rally people against him.  He’s a very likable guy.  I know he won the car but that’s going to fade away once you start talking about a half million dollars.  It’s going to be very interesting to see who’s going to have the guts to pull the trigger.  Libra’s going to get herself out of the way, even though she would have the guts to do it, she’ll get herself kicked out because of her mouth.  Then the only other people who have the guts to do it would be April or somebody else like that. He’s going to be a very tough guy to beat, they’re going to have to take the shot when they can. 

Give us one surprising prediction for the rest of the season.

I’ve got one for you.  Watch Angie.  Because she is a very morally strong person and she believes in a lot of the things she has back home, as far as how she feels about the decisions she’s making in the house.  Her and Steven talked to each other last night before I left and they’re going to start to distance themselves from each other.  Me, Steven and Angie together were basically our only sanity in the house. We were the three people who could just have fun like we could back home.  We laughed and we laughed consistently over those seven days, and if Steven and Angie make a decision to separate themselves they’ll lose a lot of the mental stability they’ll need to play the game.  A lot of people are going to count on Angie to maneuver through, because she really is the smartest girl there.  If she can’t handle it morally, she may self-destruct.

Last question.  What’s next for you?

I went into this situation, I went into this process almost very worried about what the negative connotation was going to be with reality TV.  To be honest the whole entire process has been an unbelievable experience and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  I’m going to head back home and am going to be excited for the reunion with everyone and the finale.  I’m going to be here for whatever CBS and Big Brother needs.  I’ll be involved in it in every possible way that I can, with talking or blogging or whatever because I enjoy it. 

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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