Big Brother 10 has gotten off to a nice little start, hasn’t it?  The season premiere had its stale moments, but that’s to be expected – there’s a lot of exposition, a lot of meet and greet to get out of the way.  But episode two, man, Big Brother 10 is already in full gear.  I can’t remember houseguests playing the game so aggressively so early in the season.  If the whole season goes at this breakneck speed, we’re in for a treat.  Tonight we have our first Big Brother live eviction of the season.  It’s between Brian and Renny.  From the looks of it, Brian will likely be given the ol’ boot, but this is Big Brother.  It’s fluid, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Renny walked out that front door tonight.  I’ll be here throughout the hour with my live thoughts and musings. 

Julie Chen is excited!  She moved her head and everything.

We have a live audience this year for eviction episodes.  I’m not sure why. 

Since this is Big Brother, we get a super long recap of last night’s episode.  It’s something I never understand – Big Brother viewers aren’t casual fans.  They know what’s going on. 

And the crowd goes wild.  Renny is wearing an outfit that looks like it was knit by my grandma over a series of evenings watching Lawrence Welk. 

Brian knew right away during Jerry’s speech that he was going to be nominated. 

Brian, needless to say, is upset with Ollie.  He’s also a bit upset with Jerry who admittedly broke his word.  Dan isn’t happy with Ollie either.  Calls him a sell out. 

You have to love Jerry’s blunt honesty.  He will tell everyone, always, exactly what has happened in the house.  Ollie admits that he was backed into a corner by some ladies, and he did have to sell out.  Dan realizes that April was heavily involved in the “mutiny.” 

April and Ollie make out in bed at night.  April admits that she’s, somewhat, using Ollie in the game. 

Brian thinks that he needs to turn the women against one another to have a chance at staying.

Brian is helping everyone put on a sock puppet show.  They make a solid Renny puppet.  Brian’s Renny voice is pretty funny.  Good stuff.  Brian is trying to make everyone have a good time with him, so they want to keep him.  It’s working.  Angie, Steven and Dan are on his side. 

Angie is now campaigning to Keesha about keeping Brian.  Keesha is listening.  April hears this, I think, and is not happy.

I’ll say it – April kind of sucks.  She’s creating drama and has now really pissed Keesha off.  Cat fight.  Keesha just says it – she can’t stand April.  And April is crying.  I side with Keesha in this argument.

Brian still has some work to do with Jerry, if it were to come down to a tie. 

Live talk with the houseguests: she tells the houseguests about the live audiences. 

She asks Jessie about Renny – he doesn’t back down.  He says you have to give respect to get it, and she hasn’t given him any respect.  Renny says Jessie has a lot to learn about life.  They’re both right (or wrong). 

Libra responds to her critics (who may not exist) about leaving her kids at home to go on Big Brother.  She has her family’s support.  That’s all you need. 

Julie talks to Jerry live and in private in his Head of Household room.  He doesn’t regret being put into the position of HoH.  He says it was difficult to betray Brian.  He thinks the ladies in the house are his strongest allies.  He calls them Jerry’s Angels. 

Time for the live vote.  I’m guessing that Brian is evicted by a slim margin.  First, Renny and Brian plead their cases.  She mostly babbles.  She says she “monotoned herself,” whatever the hell that means.  Brian says that he’s had a great time in the house, especially the first couple days. 

Let’s vote!

April votes first, and she votes to evict Brian.

Libra votes to evict Brian.

Michelle votes to evict Brian. 

Ollie votes to evict Brian. 

Live vote will continue after the commercial.

Dan votes to evict Renny.

Jessie votes to evict Brian.  Weak sauce, Jessie, you sell-out.

Keesha votes to evict Brian.  And that is that.  Brian is gonzo. 

Memphis votes to evict Brian.  Memphis is growing a fu manchu.

Steven, another sell out, votes to evict Brian.

Angie votes to Brian.  Lame. 

By a vote of 9-1, Brian has been evicted.

Brian is interviewed by Chen, and admits that he played way too much game in the first couple days.  He hopes that Dan survives in the house.  Dan says he looks up to Brian like a brother.  Brian thinks that Memphis is the front runner in the game right now. 

Let’s find ourselves a new Head of Household, shall we?  Chen is asking the HGs personal questions about each other.  HGs are supposed to guess what the majority will answer, not particularly the truth.  If you answer with the majority you move on. If not you’re eliminated.

Memphis is eliminated on the first question.  Renny and Keesha are eliminated next.  Michelle, Dan and April are gone on the third question.  Angie is gone.  Libra, Ollie, Steven and Jessie finish with the tie-breaking question.  They have to guess how many total pillows were on the bed during the honey comp. 

Jessie is closest and he wins the HoH.  Hmm.  Renny is probably back up on the block.

I’ll be back later tonight with a recap of the episode. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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