Bachelor Pad splashes back on to ABC on August 8. Each week we’re taking a closer look at three of the former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars crazy enough to subject themselves to this silly battle of the sexes.

This week, we take a look at the crazy girls who will go back to the Bachelor mansion for a shot at $250,000 … and maybe love.

Erica Rose 

She might call herself a princess, but this girl was notorious on Bachelor: Rome for being a self-absorbed, spoiled brat. Most of her scenes showed her dishing out complaints or crying, and that’s when she wasn’t backstabbing the other girls every time she got close to Prince Lorenzo.

Pros: Insanely competitive, as well as confident that she has an edge over the other contestants due to her education (she’s an English major) and financial background (she thinks she’s royalty!). Has more reality TV experience than most, having appeared in VH1’s You’re Cut Off.

Cons: Whines too much, even to the point of abusing the diary room. And as if to prove how high-maintenance she was, she begged host Chris Harrison to hire a maid to clean up after her. Also doesn’t understand the concept of one-on-one dates. And did we mention the whining?

Melissa Schreiber.jpg

Melissa Schreiber

There are people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, then there’s this Bachelor 15 starlet. Known for having one of the show’s most epic breakdowns, Melissa, a waitress who quit her job for a shot at Brad Womack, let her emotions get the best of her throughout the show, especially during an altercation with fellow contestant Raichel.

Pros: She’s so honest, she told Brad about eating four slices of onion-topped pizza.

Cons: Called “psycho” behind her back, breaks easily under pressure and will start a fight if she finds you worthy of blame.

Alli Travis.jpg

Alli Travis

We’re hoping there aren’t any bugs within Alli’s line of vision, because this Bachelor 15 alum is known for her Costa Rica freak-out over them. Aside from that, Brad thought she had all the qualities he was looking for in a wife until they had their alone time, which was so awkward it hurt a little.

Pros: Cheerful, adventurous, enjoys competing and is itching to travel (just as long as there aren’t any bats or creepy crawlies around)

Cons: Deathly scared of bugs. Can get quite confrontational, but maybe that’s a good thing. Also finds it difficult to open up and can’t seem to get past small talk during dates. No wonder Brad preferred to dismiss her as just a friend.

Think any of these girls are worthy of winning Bachelor Pad? Check back next week as we get to know another batch of contestants!

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Shosanna Moore

Staff Writer, BuddyTV