When CBS’ Moonlight returns next month, viewers will be introduced to a new man in town who may stir up some trouble between vampire detective Nick (Alex O’Loughlin) and his mortal lady love Beth (Sophia Myles).

According to TV Guide’s Michael Aussielo, Eric Winter has been cast in the role of ADA Benjamin Talbot, an attractive, self-assured man who doesn’t live by any rules other than his own.  His character will reportedly take interest in Beth, which won’t go well with Mick, who was cured of his vampirism in the final pre-strike episode and thus can finally pursue a relationship with the beautiful web news reporter.

Winter, who was recently seen as Jason on the ABC family drama Brothers & Sisters and the short-lived drama Viva Laughlin, is expected to appear in at least three episodes of Moonlight, beginning with the show’s April 25 post-strike premiere.

Until now, CBS has not announced whether or not Moonlight is returning for a second season, although many industry experts are optimistic about the renewal, considering the show has gained a loyal following that consistently tunes in to the show, albeit the not-so-stellar ratings.

On his official MySpace, Alex O’Loughlin told fans that he has been traveling extensively in and out of the U.S. to promote the series.

“I have been all over the planet in the last 2 months, Australia twice, London, Paris, Rome, Dublin and back through LA like three times where I now find myself, back at home gathering my thoughts and readying myself for the onslaught that is Moonlight to come.  Honestly… I can’t wait!!” the 32-year-old actor posted on his MySpace blog.  “My travels have been as extensive as they have because i have been promoting the show for the world market.  We have started airing in different regions of Europe with a lot still to come and already are being received very well.”

Alex O’Loughlin also said that the immense support fans have given the show is what motivates him to continue to work hard, “so when the time does finally come for our second season pickup [and it’s not too far away now!] we know we all did everything we could.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide, Alex O’Loughlin Official MySpace
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