Empire adds another TV icon to their list of guest stars in the episode entitled “False Face.” Alfre Woodard joins the family as Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) mother. Don’t expect to find this mother/daughter duo in the kitchen baking cookies, instead, hide the wire hangers. This tense relationship has all the makings of a Mommy Dearest remake. Memories of the difficult relationship she shares with her mother are heavy on Cookie’s mind as she continues to search for Poundcake’s daughter.

While Cookie deals with her mommy issues, Lucious has his hands full stopping Eddie’s takeover attempt. Since their parents are focused on other issues Hakeem and Jamal turn their focus to music. Hakeem plans a release strategy for his 20 for 20 single, while Jamal explores ways to release music not attached to the Empire label.

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Eddie Digs in

Lucious lets Eddie know he’s onto his schemes. offers Thirsty and Lucious offer Eddie a generous severance package to help get him back on his feet. Eddie balks at the idea and informs Lucious his pockets aren’t deep enough to cover the money he lost. As he leaves, Eddie puts Lucious on notice he is moving forward with plans for Empire Entertainment.

A Bucket of Surprises

Lucious and Thirsty tell Jamal and Hakeem about Eddie’s actions. At first Jamal doesn’t think Uncle Eddie would stoop so low. Hakeem believes it though and tells his family Eddie has been using him to throw him off his game. After the evidence is laid out against Eddie, Jamal believes his father. 

During the meeting, Thirsty gets words from Lucious’ club that Eddie has planned a surprise impromptu gathering. When the Lyons and Thirsty arrive, they find everyone on the board, except members of the Lyon family, are in attendance. Eddie garners a few brownie points with the board. He announces Tianna’s single is number one on both the Pop and R&B charts. A feat, Eddie reminds the board, Lucious nor his sons have accomplished. Eddie’s gift bag of surprises is still full after his historic announcement about Tianna. He informs the board that Tory’s album is trending at number one as well.

A board member named Edna tells Lucious how impressed she is with Eddie Barker and how much she likes him. Lucious realizes she’s sweet on Eddie when she mentions their dinner plans later that evening.

Ballet Slippers and Pirouettes

Thirsty gets a lead for Cookie regarding Poundcake’s daughter. He sends Cookie to NYU in search of a ballerina named Maya. When Cookie introduces herself, the young lady assumes she’s there about Empire Entertainment and Tianna.

Cookie lets Maya dance for her back at Empire Entertainment. The young lady is extremely talented and her dancing impresses the Queen of Empire. 

Cookie Knock Tianna’s Crown Off

While Maya is dancing to Tianna’s new single, the singer stomps into the room and has a diva tantrum. She belittles Maya, turns off the music and dismisses her without another thought. Then she turns her wrath on Cookie. Clearly, Tianna has let the little bit of success she’s had to go to her head. She demands to know who this girl is and why she’s so young. To make matters worse, Tianna questions Cookie demanding to know if this is the plan Eddie has approved because if not, she will not entertain it. Then she tells Cookie “I’m number one on two charts.” Before Tianna can get too far out in left field, Cookie reels her in and gets her together.

Cookie reminds Tianna there’s only enough room for 1 queen, and at Empire Entertainment, that queen’s name is Cookie Lyon. Before she dismisses Tianna, Cookie tells her she needs to stop being so disrespectful to everyone and that if she pulls anther stunt like this, she’ll be the artist known as no.1 because she will end her. 

No Thanks 

Cookie catches up with Maya before she leaves the building. She tells Maya her birthmother is dying and wants to see her. Maya erupts. She explains to Cookie she doesn’t want anything to do with her mother, the crack head or Cookie Lyon. After Maya leaves, Cookie goes to see Poundcake in lockup. She can’t tell her friend she found her daughter but her daughter refuses to have anything to do with her. Instead, she tells Poundcake to tell her what she wants to tell her daughter and she’ll give it to her.

Into the Lions’ Den 

Eddie tries to use Edna’s warm and fuzzy feelings towards him to secure his spot at Empire Entertainment. Lucious throws a wrench in his plans when he calls in reinforcements in the form of Eddie’s ex-wives.

All three of Eddie’s ex-wives show up just as Eddie tries to put the moves on Edna. When each of the ladies starts blasting Eddie for losing their money and being a womanizer, and shady business man, Edna’s warm and fuzzy feelings turn to ice. She says that now that Lucious is back, his services aren’t needed and he should take some time to deal with his issues and get his affairs in order. 

Eddie Makes a Deal with Shyne

Giselle and Eddie meet for dinner to regroup and come up with a new plan. When Eddie sees Shyne at the restaurant, he decides to make a deal with Shyne to destroy Lucious.

Feeling good about the deal he made with Shyne, Eddie is goes to meet him at the studio to check out a new artist. When he arrives, he realizes Shyne told Lucious about their deal.

Laughing, Shyne leaves the two titans alone together. Before he walks out, Eddie asks him why he double crossed him and Shyne says, “It’s real simple. Lucious is your man 100 grand. If you’ll stab him in the back that easily, what would you do to me? I’m going to stick with the devil I know.”

Let the Music Play

Lucious tells his sons he needs them to knock Eddie’s artists out of the number one spots with fresh new music immediately. Jamal tries to tell Lucious about his new music ideas, but his dad doesn’t want to hear them. He tells Jamal what he needs now is a proven Jamal hit, not some experimental moody nonsense. Jamal tells his dad he’s not feeling that, so he wants off the 20 for 20 CD.

Since both artists are under contract with Empire Entertainment, Tory and Jamal plan to secretly release music without their names or faces so Empire can’t lay claim to it music.

Hakeem and Dre decide to host an old school black light party for Empire Extreme. Admission includes a free download of Hakeem’s new single which knocks Tianna out of the number one spot.

Jamal shows up to the party to support Hakeem but gives Dre the cold shoulder when he tries to talk to him. At the party, Jamal catches Tory popping pills that Eddie gave her so she could record great music.

If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee

Thirsty tells Cookie that Lucious has decided the only way to get rid of Eddie is to kill him. She goes to see Lucious to remind him of his promise to be better. She thinks he blames her for Eddie taking over. He informs her he takes full responsibility for everything that has happened. They come up with a plan that doesn’t involve another dead body.

Lucious and Cookie tell Eddie they know all about his dirty dealings. Including brainwashing Tianna and getting Tory strung out again.

The Lyons tells him to sign away his interest in Empire or they’re going public with his dirty deeds. Eddie signs the paper, before leaving he gives Lucious and Cookie kudos for beating him at his own game.

Anika’s Return

After leaving the Lyons, Eddie meets with Anika. After hearing Eddie’s pitch, Anika agrees to help him take down the Lyons once and for all. Eddie did you forget that Anika’s daughter is a Lyon? If you take down Empire and destroy the Lyons legacy, you destroy her daughter’s along with it. This isn’t the first time someone has tried to use Anika to backstab the Lyons. However, it never ends well. Anika always plays the double agent and remains loyal to the Lyons family. This might not be a smart move Eddie. 

How far is Eddie willing to go to get Empire Entertainment from the Lyons? Will Tianna regret listening to Eddie instead of following her heart? Did Eddie Cross the line by giving Tory drugs to ‘take the edge off’? Is Jamal’s career over? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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