The Winchesters have crossed paths with many fellow Hunters over the course of Supernatural. But in the latest episode, one of those Hunters may have turned to the dark side.

In “Twigs and Twins and Tasha Banes,” the witch twins Max and Alicia Banes returned. They are the children of a good witch and a Hunter, with Max being the twin who exhibits the magic. By the end of the episode, Max’s mother and sister were both dead at the hands of an evil witch and her twig doll creatures.

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However, after Sam and Dean left, Max took on the evil watch’s demonic magical power and created his own twig doll version of his sister. Max’s glowing eyes painted an ominous portrait and I’m hopeful that he will be back, preferably as a major villain.

Every season, Supernatural typically has at least two major storylines. For season 12, it’s the British Men of Letters and Lucifer with his baby. For season 13, my hope is that Max comes back in a major way as a powerful witch out for revenge against Dean. Maybe he could even partner up with Rowena for a double dose of witch power.

Bringing back Max as a villain would also make thematic sense for the show, allowing Supernatural to explore some complex issues for the Winchesters. When Dean shot and killed the evil witch, he also destroyed the twig version of Max’s mother, denying him the opportunity to live out the rest of his life with a reasonable facsimile of her.

It would be very easy for Supernatural to draw parallels with the first two seasons of the show. Mary Winchester died and her children wanted revenge against the monster they thought was responsible, Azazel the Yellow-Eyed Demon. In this new story, Max and Alicia would be in the Sam and Dean roles, and in their eyes, Dean would be the monster. Turning the tables on the Winchesters would be an interesting plot.

When Dean admitted to Sam at the end of the episode that they’ve sacrificed themselves to save each other time and time again, it may have hinted at this future. Dean denied Max that same opportunity, so forcing the Winchesters to consider the double standard that they can do it but others can’t would make sense.

Pitting Sam and Dean against a powerful witch who was once a friend and who has a personal vendetta against them would definitely make for some interesting stories. So let’s hope that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the witch twins and that Max Banes comes back, bigger and badder than ever.

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