Jason Blossom’s killer may have been uncovered, but the mysteries of Riverdale are only just beginning. “Chapter Twelve: The Anatomy of a Murder” dropped so many reveals that left us craving more, particularly surrounding the Jason-Polly incest situation. Based on the reactions of both families, we have to ask — is it real? Did incest happen, or could Jason have been adopted? Let’s discuss.

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Was anyone else extremely uncomfortable by the reaction to Jason and Polly’s incestual relationship? I mean, both the Coopers and the Blossoms hardly seemed to care. The Blossoms were even kind of happy about it. The worst might have been Polly, who just looked like she heard Jason maybe had a cold when he impregnated her, not that he was her cousin. Why is no one freaking out about this?

The reason the Blossoms might be hiding behind their excitement of a “pure-blood” grandson could be that Jason wasn’t even their child. There is some pretty solid evidence to back this theory up, most of which surrounds Clifford Blossom. For one thing, Clifford (a man who is all about his family’s legacy) killed his son in cold blood. We saw the tape. This seems pretty contradictory to keeping the Blossom name alive for generations to come. The only logical reason we can think of for why he killed Jason is that Jason wasn’t actually his son. Maybe Jason even discovered the truth about it, and so Clifford killed him before word got out.

Secondly, Clifford made an interesting comment to Cheryl. He told her that all the while, he had been training Jason to take over the business, “when really, I should have been nurturing you. Jason never had the stomach for any of it, but you — you’re a Blossom.” Interesting choice of words, don’t you think? Clifford made the distinction between his son and his daughter by saying Cheryl was a Blossom. This can definitely lead us to believe that Jason was actually never his child.

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What do you think? Could Jason Blossom have been adopted? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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