Riverdale‘s central “whodunnit” storyline might be coming to a close soon, but don’t worry. Actress Marisol Nichols (who plays Hermione Lodge) promises that there’s no shortage of storylines for season 2. Find out what she had to say about the upcoming season as well as her character’s background, the shocking murderer reveal and much more from her discussion with BuddyTV below.

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In the original Archie Comics, Hermione was a lot older and not as involved. Were there any traits from that character that you brought in?

“I started from scratch. There was almost nothing in the comic books. She was just sort of a background character. Kinda like in the Peanuts version with the parents going, ‘womp womp womp,’ kinda like that. (Laughs.)

Did the producers give you any sort of background into where Hermione came from before and how she ended up here?

“Oh yeah, completely. They sort of explained how Hermione, Veronica and Hiram had been living in upscale New York as a part of high-scale society. They had been there the whole time. For a very long time. Then with the scandal and Hiram going to prison and the fall from grace, that was the background I really liked. I enjoyed that.”

Hermione grew up in Riverdale. How did she go from that small town to living in New York with a wealthy husband, was that something you talked about?

“Not really. I’ve sort of come up with my own thoughts, which were that Hiram was much older. That was originally the thought, then they cast Mark Consuelos, so I thought, ‘OK, well never mind that.’ (Laughs.)┬áMy thought was that she picked him over Fred. I’m hoping that in season 2 when we meet Hiram, we’re going to see how that dynamic came about. What that started with.

“I think when we meet her in the beginning of season 1, she regrets that decision, possibly. She’s really resigned that Hiram is in prison. He’s gone, for who knows how long. She has to start over. The danger of Hiram, his reach really makes itself clear. ‘No Hermione, you are not safe at all.’ Technically, she had an affair! That’s not really cool! (Laughs.) But people really rooted for her and Fred, and I get it. I did too.”

That dynamic is something I’m curious about too. There has to be some sort of redeemable quality to Hiram, right?

“There must be. I think we’re going to see that. I’m sure we’re going to see why Hermione fell for him in the first place. You know, how did that even come about? And then, you know, she slowly realized what he was all about, but it was too late. She either didn’t leave because of the money, or she was pregnant, or whatever it is. She was in, and she’s had to survive with Hiram and in that world.”

You mentioned Mark Consuelos. Have you gotten to meet with him at all to discuss your relationship dynamic?

“I have not met him at all. (Laughs) When do we meet him! I’m really excited. I’m assuming we’ll meet him some time later this month. We’re doing all the promo stuff for the next season, so I’m assuming I’ll meet him then. I’m really looking forward to it, and I know the writers have promised me a lot of juicy, juicy stuff within the Lodge family. I’m really excited about that.”

Did you have any theories about who Jason’s killer was before getting episode 12’s script?

“I kept going all over the place, and so did most of us. Our creator had let slip, he said that, ‘You saw [the killer] in the pilot.’ That’s all he would give us. So then I was like, ‘Is it Dilton Doiley?’ Because he was out on Sweetwater River, so maybe that was it. But then we never heard about Dilton anymore. I went all over the place. At one point I thought it was Cheryl because she was all, ‘JJ!’ and this and that and the other. I was like, ‘She’s a little suspicious.'”

Did you ever suspect the Lodge family at all, or even your own character?

“Oh, I thought for sure Hiram was somehow involved. For sure, I thought he had Jason killed. But so far, it doesn’t seem like that. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised. He could still have something to do with it, absolutely.”

Now that the murder mystery is sort of wrapping up, what direction do you think season 2 will take?

“Oh, don’t you worry. (Laughs.) There will be another case and more mysteries to solve. It’s Riverdale, there’s never not going to be a massive mystery to be solved. So you’re going to see that. It’ll be set up for sure by the end of the season, next episode. It’s not over yet.”

Will we be getting any more of Molly Ringwald (who plays Mary Andrews) next season?

“I hope so. I know she left for a bit, but it was really convenient to have her as a lawyer, so I think we’ll see more of her. I think we’ll see more of all of the parents, even Skeet [Urlich, who plays FP]. I don’t think that’s the end of his story.”

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