So you want to attract a Victorian vampire, eh? Maybe you’ve fallen under the spell of Jonathan Rhys Meyers on NBC’s Dracula — or maybe you’re an experienced time traveler with a taste for edgy romance. Either way, no judgments. Vampires are hotter than ever, and getting one of these fantastical anti-heroes to notice you isn’t as hard as you might think. It just involves the usual bag of tricks: beauty, brains, magic, an exaggerated interest in blood…

Below, are our top picks for seducing that dashing vampire in the waistcoat and top hat. Good luck!

Vamp Up Your Wardrobe

Hey, wall flower, no offense, but that pastel print isn’t doing you any favors in the seduction department. Vampires aren’t fans of subtlety, so your clothing choices shouldn’t be either. Put your neck on full display with a voluminous up-do and dangerously low neckline.

DraculaC.jpgGo to School

Contrary to popular belief, your standard Victorian vampire loves a girl who can carry a conversation. Remember, these immortal dudes have been around for awhile. They know a lot about a wide array of subjects, and if you can’t keep up, then you’re probably not vampire girlfriend material. Read a book. Take a class. We suggest something in the medical field.

Embrace Mild Pain

Pain is temporary; immortal love is forever. If you’re really having trouble getting the attention of that toothy gent, then it’s time to bust out the oldest trick in the book: the paper cut. One quick slice and a few drops of blood later, and you’ll be the apple of your vampire crush’s eye. It’s that easy.

DraculaD.gifTry Some At-Home Magic

It turns out that Victorian vampires have an uncanny ability to sense a seeking seer — according to Dracula, of course. You know what this means? You have a new hobby. Check out a few seer-related books from your local library and stare deeply into a mirror. If you can find a vampire, then you’re good to go! That vampire is guaranteed to be intrigued (and/or enraged) that you took the time to spy on his personal business.

Be Drop-Dead Gorgeous

This should go without saying, but beauty is key here. You’re devastatingly attractive, right? Good. Extra points for resembling your vampire’s dead former lover. Vampires are super into this sort of thing. (Don’t ask.)

DraculaB.jpgOf course, at the end of the day, we all know that vampires aren’t real, but it’s always smart to be prepared — just in case.

Still can’t get enough of those well-dressed creatures of the night? Tune in to Dracula on Fridays at 10 pm on NBC.

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