Glee takes on … sigh … twerking because why, twerking is still in? This is one of the most unoriginal storylines in the history of the show, like someone zapped all the writers of their creative juices. But hooray, there is an end in sight, since the episode is titled “End of Twerk” after all.

'Glee' Recap: Before the End of Twerking, There Must be Lots of Twerking

But before getting there, we must get through all the twerking. So. Much. Twerking. But really, the whole episode is all about making a statement. McKinley just uses the twerk to make theirs.

Will’s Twerktorial

Will doesn’t know who sang “Blurred Lines” or what the song is even about, but he sure knows how to twerk. Somehow, it’s tied to women’s suffrage — or, according to the chalkboard in the music room “woman’s suffrage” because yes, it was only one woman. When Glee tries to tie their storylines with historical events, it all goes over my head. But I guess since it’s high school, I get it.

What starts as just a theme for glee club turns into a freedom of expression because Sue bans twerking. When it comes to Sue, Will doesn’t have the best judgment so rather than agreeing with her that high school students shouldn’t be gyrating on the naive music teacher through the halls of the high school, he refuses to cave in.

Rebel Without a Clue

Thankfully, the twerking stays within the walls of McKinley and has nothing to do with what’s going on in New York, where Rachel’s desire to feel one with Fanny’s rebellious side leads her to … cut her hair! She gets a short ‘do, that frankly, puts at least five years on her. She surprises the Broadway people, and they’re none too happy, but when she gets in character and performs “You Are Woman, I Am Man” the hair cut feels right.

Just as we’re all still processing that Rachel would cut her hair, right after Kurt flips out over it — tada, it was just a wig. She could go through with it, and just wanted to feel empowered. I’m a little disappointed she didn’t have the guts to go through with it but am also relieved.

Rachel’s desire to be a rebel doesn’t stop with the fake haircut though. She convinces Kurt that they should both get tattoos. Okay side note: If there was absolutely no reason for her to be acting this way, I would’ve really been annoyed at this, but it’s obvious that this is part of Rachel’s grieving process. Rachel wants to get crazy, while Kurt just has seemed to continue on with life, but in a rather boring way.

The next morning, Kurt and Rachel come face to face with what they’ve done. Kurt wanted something both hopeful and a political statement: It gets better. Except, at that moment, it got worse because he actually got “It’s get better” on his shoulder instead!

As for Rachel? Well, just like she did with the wig, she chickened out on the tattoo the last minute. Rachel, the point of being a rebel is actually going through with the crazy things, not changing her mind at the very last second.

If I Were A Boy

The twerking gets another layer because of Unique, who has been using the girls bathroom but now gets caught by, of all people, Bree. Now everyone is just using whatever bathroom they want, and thus sparking the McKinley bathroom riot. Knowing this can’t continue, Sue offers up a solution — a purple portable toilet with giant yellow question marks everywhere right in the glee club room. 

While everyone is horrified, the only person comfortable using it is Tina. And it’s not just this part where she’s pretty much the laughingstock but also she’s the worst twerker. Just … go be Emo Tina again or something. I don’t know anymore with her.

Will has a solution of escorting Unique to the faculty bathroom every time, which leads to Sue giving him an ultimatum: end twerking for Unique’s own bathroom key. Will doesn’t budge — and who’s the teacher here? (I did, however, enjoy Will throwing his Sue-like tantrum.)

Eventually, Will comes to his senses. Unique has her own key, twerking is over. And Jake cheated on Marley, which was so obvious, but are we even caring about them at this point?

Rachel’s Secret

When Kurt goes to tell off the tattoo guy, he instead gets convinced to take even more risks — in the form of a free tongue piercing after fixing the tattoo to say “It’s got Bette Midler.” 

Kurt admits he was living in a trance after Finn’s death, and he needed to be shocked back to life. And if that’s the form of a piercing through your tongue, then so be it.

It also turns out Rachel actually did get a tattoo that she’s keeping to herself. She got “Finn” etched on her side. I really like this moment, of her revealing the tattoo and us getting to see what it is (although you probably figured it out right after you realized she did get one). It’s just for herself and no one else to see.

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