On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the world was treated to the television debut of “Redickulous,” Phaedra Park’s extraordinarily “gifted” birthday gift for Kandi Burruss. And of course, NeNe Leakes, the picture of class that she is, stormed out of the party early … and offended.

Well, after waiting mere hours to get Redickulous’ take on the incident, his interview on Watch What Happens Live finally gave us the answers we were looking for.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time NeNe witnessed the talents of the legendary Redickulous.

“I actually gave her a lap dance here in Atlanta. She was just egging Kandi’s mom on, I guess to make a scene. She was trying to keep it cool and be reserved,” Redickulous speculated about NeNe’s reaction to his act. “It did kind of upset me and offend me, but, you know, she’s an exotic dancer. She came with an entourage the very first time I danced for her, and they called me over and they had a lot of money and they were tipping me like crazy, and I was doing those same tricks.”

An angry NeNe (is there any other kind?) took to her Twitter today to defend herself (and her delicate constitution).

“True a monster jumped out the box! Pleasured himself which was classless in front of guests! Yes, I used to dance but I never…”

NeNe also denied Redickulous ever giving her a private show: “I host lots of gay events and introduce whoever they tell me to! I’ve never had a lap dance from any male stripper!”

“Andy [Cohen] wasn’t at Kandi’s party. Didn’t Phaedra give her the gift? Why are y’all making this about me?” she also tweeted. “Would you be at a party with your mom, aunt or people you do business with and watch a stripper suck his… in front of everyone?”

And in case she hadn’t made her point perfectly clear already, NeNe added, “For the record! I have the RIGHT to leave any event I want to!…There’s a lot of things I use to do that I don’t do no more! It’s called GROWTH.”

Redickulous pun intended?

Gina Pusateri
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Gina Pusateri

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