A power couple should be an incredibly dangerous thing on Big Brother. A showmance is an alliance, unless one half of it is Paulie Calafiore, that is incredibly hard to break up. 

In Big Brother 19, a showmance is still dangerous but mainly for the people involved in it, not the rest of the house. Big Brother 19′s most prominent showmance of Jessica and Cody certainly have a level of loyalty to one another but time and time again they have proved to be each other’s worst enemies. Jessica’s game has been brought down harshly by her “hunky” showmance. It’s to the point that she would be much better off and maybe actually stand a chance of winning if Jessica completely separated herself from Cody.

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The Brains and the Beauty

Cody has proven to be good at one thing in Big Brother: Cody is an amazing competitor. Cody hasn’t won every challenge, having thrown a couple and he did legitimately lose the latest HoH challenge. For the most part though if Cody has wanted to win a competition he has done it or he’s gotten very close to doing it. In every other aspect of the game Cody is dreadful. Cody has no social game. He has no strategic mind, simply going for the biggest and most immediate threats with no finesse or logic. If there is something that Cody can’t charge at physically or mentally, he is helplessly lost. Jessica, on the other hand, does seem to have some actual knowledge under her belt. 

Jessica, unlike Cody, has a real understanding about how Big Brother is played and how she needs to navigate it. Jessica has also proven to have a pretty good track record with challenges. Jessica is not the physically strongest player in the game but she has shown a real knack for mental challenges. Though she was talked down as the pretty one in the early going, Jessica’s greatest asset in Big Brother is her brain. 

This isn’t to say that Jessica is the smartest person in the house and she obviously isn’t the most strategic. Paul really is running circles around everyone else making even other sensible players like Alex look like nothing but fools. Jessica does have her head on straight most of the time. It’s just that Cody leads her down the wrong path every single time. 

A Marine Without Marching Orders

Jessica knew that Cody had screwed up badly when he nominated Christmas in place of Paul. If Jessica had been made aware of what Cody was going to do before the nomination ceremony that blew up his entire game, Cody would have never made that mistake. It’s not that Jessica would have so much loyalty to Christmas that she wouldn’t have allowed Cody to betray her or Paul. It’s that Jessica would have known it would turn everyone against them. Despite knowing that she was on a sinking ship, Jessica stuck by Cody out of affection.

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Now that Cody is back in the game he is being a little less aggressive and listening to Jessica more. Yet his influence is still corrupting her game. It is Cody who convinced Jessica to not make too many waves with her HoH reign nominating Josh and Ramses. It is Cody who believes that Ramses is the perfect pawn because he has nobody, not thinking that this is the exact reason that Ramses is a terrible pawn because no one hesitates to vote him out. Lastly it is Cody who talked Jessica out of securing that her target went home and nominating someone else in place of Ramses. Cody didn’t force these scenarios but he definitely influenced them. 

When Cody was out of the game, Jessica did a fair bit of effort to repair her game. Jessica had started to get Jason on her side and she was making sure bigger threats than herself were the real targets. Jessica was emerging from the ashes of her game that Cody had created but now she is right back at square one. The situation in Jessica’s HoH is eerily like how things played how with Cody in the first week. Jessica believes her target is going home but the house is secretly working against her to prevent it. 

Whether thing plays out exactly as before, there is still a curse to hit the house, remains to be seen. One thing is clear. Cody is bringing Jessica down. If Jessica wants to win she better hope that Cody goes before her again or she is needs to discount everything he says as strategy and just use him as solider to win competitions.  Regardless of their life outside of the house and relationship, Cody is terrible for Jessica’s game. 

But what do you think? Is Cody the one bringing Jess down or are they equally terrible? Do you want Jessica to rebound or are happy she is crashing and burning again? 

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