On tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives, there are: feelings journals, strawberry waffles on unreachable shelves, and leopards, chipmunks, and giraffes. Other than perhaps Katherine’s (Dana Delaney) loony bin storyline, Desperate Housewives‘ “How About a Friendly Shrink?” didn’t really push things forward, plot-wise, but it’s still good for a few laughs, and a few heart-wrenching scenes and dialogues, which as we all know is the minimum requirement.

“Hmm. Attacking.”
Taking inspiration from the purportedly happy couple Bob (Tuc Watkins) and Lee (Kevin Rahm), Tom (Doug Savant) decided to see a shrink to deal with his problems with Lynette post-all the drama. He has started to carry around a little feelings journal and, from time to time, his eyes would glint and he would scribble something and mutter, “attacking.” Lynette was furious.

Lynette, who at first was all therapy is for weak, indulgent people, found herself going over to Tom’s shrink to “defend” herself, but ended up divulging a lot of things and liking it. Soon, she agreed to couple’s sessions and started scribbling little notes on her own.

“Who says I’m visiting? Maybe I’m bonkers, too.”
It was, in spite of myself, disheartening to see Katherine talk about what happened from her end. Everyone just saw her as this crazy biatch who was out to ruin a happy wedding and impose her personal realities to the world.

It was all different the way she put it, and for a second there, you understand: “I was just lonely, and then one day, along came this wonderful man… When I was hurting, I would imagine that he was with me,” then the imagining just got too powerful that it overpowered her and warped her sense of reality.

Don’t we all get crazy when such “wonderful” person comes along? OK, wearing the gown at the guy’s wedding was pushing it a tad too much, but you get the point. By the way, awesome line from Karen (Kathryn Joosten), when Katherine asked her why she’s visiting her – “Who says I’m visiting? Maybe I’m bonkers, too.”

“It’s a matter of preserving the drapes!”
On the more heartbreaking aspect of things, it has turned out to be a tug of war between Bree (Marcia Cross) and Orson (Kyle MacLachlan). Orson was acting like a total jerk (it would seem), and Bree wanted him to say please (and take a bath, since he hadn’t in over a week and it was starting to stink in the house – “It’s a matter of preserving the drapes!”).

In the end, Bree had enough and wheeled Orson out to the yard to hose him down. After a mighty hosing down, he started saying please, over and over again, and asked her if she knew how utterly inutile he felt, how incapacitated, that his state had reduced to staring at the ceiling every morning because he couldn’t get up to make tea for himself.

“Leopards are the morons, are they?”
Of course, Gaby (Eva Longoria-Parker) brought the comic relief on the episode. She found out that her newly enrolled daughter Juanita belonged to the leopard group, and she was desperate to know what it meant in the school’s mysterious caste system. Susan (Teri Hatcher) was all hoity-toity, thinking MJ’s giraffe group was the advanced one.

Despite all of Gaby’s detective work, it wasn’t conclusively revealed which group was the morons’ – slow-learners – and which was the smart ones’, but we were reminded how annoying Susan can get, so again, nothing new on this Desperate Housewives episode.

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