The scandalous mess on The Bachelor has left us with lots of burning questions and an endless stream of “he said, she said” arguments from host Chris Harrison and contestant Rozlyn. The main question of whether Rozlyn really cheated on Jake seems to be the biggest question mark thus far this season (though I really don’t want to call it cheating considering Jake is dating 14 other women), and after all the debacle, I’m still uncertain as to who’s to believe.

Basically, Chris Harrison accused Rozlyn of having an “inappropriate relationship” with one of the staffers on The Bachelor, and then later elaborated in interviews that the affair was “physical.” Rozlyn, on the other hand, maintains that she didn’t have an affair, denying everything that Chris said about the alleged relationship.

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So who’s telling the truth? Or better yet, who’s more credible?  ABC has this reputation of manipulating everything just to make good TV, and in this case, it really worked. As for Rozlyn, it’s a little bit hard to trust her since she pretty much remained tight-lipped and stone-faced on the show when Chris confronted her about the affair but now she’s lashing out for how The Bachelor portrayed her. Oh and she also has been arrested three times and sentenced to jail, according to Radar Online.

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Kris De Leon

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