ABC has released a deleted scene from Monday’s scandalous Bachelor episode, during which contestant Rozlyn Papa was eliminated for an “inappropriate relationship” with a show producer (which she is now actively denying).

The scene shows the other women in the house discussing their suspicions about Rozlyn’s behavior, including testimony from several women saying they saw the staffer and Rozlyn snuggling on the couch late at night.

“We all saw her on the couch last night snuggled up to [bleeped name], right?” says Elizabeth.

“He was sitting on the couch and she was cudded up with him,” says Vienna. “And she had her arm on the inside of his thigh, and was laying her head on his shoulder and was laying on top of him for a long amount of time.”

Gia added, “I wish I would have confronted her,” after admitting that she saw that Rozlyn slept on the couch that night. “I didn’t think she would do something like this.”

In his Tuesday blog post about the episode, Bachelor host Chris Harrison upgraded his accusation from “inappropriate relationship” to “inappropriate physical relationship.” Papa has denied both claims, insisting that she and the staffer were just friends, and she was eliminated for the sake of the show’s ratings.