Fans, get ready for a new Casey Hughes.  Billy Magnussen will be joining the long-running soap, As the World Turns, to take over the character that has been missing from the drama since previous portrayer Zach Roerig exited on May 2.  The actor is expected to stir some controversy in Oakdale later this year following his current Broadway stint in the comedy The Ritz, which runs through December 9.

Billy Magnussen Joins 'As the World Turns'

Earlier this week, Margo (Ellen Dolan) told Tom (Scott Holmes) that their only child together, Casey, might be home for Christmas. Though there is no word on the specific date of his return, many are speculating a holiday reunion is in the works.

Earlier this year, Casey was sent to prison as he was not supposed to leave Oakdale during his bail and trial. Upon being taken into custody, Casey left a tearful Maddie (Alexandra Chando) behind.  Though the couple promised to keep in touch every week, Casey broke things off with her during the summer, telling her that he won’t be returning to Oakdale after being released because he feels she deserves someone better than him.  This news threw a heartbroken Maddie for a loop, which eventually led her into Noah’s (Jake Silbermann) arms.

Maddie thought she’s got her life back on track with her budding relationship with Noah. Unfortunately, she ended things with him as it turns out that Noah and her best friend Luke (Van Hansis) are attracted to each other. In the end, Maddie decided to leave Oakdale behind and transfer to Wesleyan University.

After four months of absence, Casey returns to Oakdale, possibly to find the girl he loves.
With the news of Casey’s comeback in the form of Billy Magnussen, As the World Turns fans are also curios to know if a new Maddie will return as well.

As the World Turns airs weekdays on CBS.

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