Another day, another Days of our Lives.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is having a nightmare.  She was dreaming about Ford raping her, and she wakes up screaming.  Max (Darin Brooks) tries to comfort her.

At the pub, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) asks Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about her appointment at the fertility clinic.  Everything seems to be going well, but Kayla wants to make sure that Steve wants a child as much as she does.  Across the room, Bo (Peter Reckell), Roman (Josh Taylor) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) discuss the details of the case of the mysterious psychic.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) scolds FrankenJohn for lazing about instead of studying his dossier.  You can’t rely on these kind of dead zombie creatures, can you?  They have no work ethic at all!

Belle (Martha Madison) now has a bodyguard on her.  She leaves to go to class, with Crystal (Ashlee Holland) on their tail.

Bo and Roman can’t get a search warrant for the building where Marlena first met Crystal, so Steve offers to do some after-hours snooping for them.  But he can’t do it right now, because Kayla reminds him that he has that appointment at the fertility clinic.  Before he leaves, Kayla asks him once more if he really wants a baby.  Steve echoes what’s going on in my mind when he asks her why she keeps asking her that.  The man already told her that he wants a baby.  Heck, wasn’t it even his idea?  Just believe him, already!

Max suggests to Stephanie that she see a therapist.  But she’s afraid to confront all of the damage that she has suffered and buried deep in her subconscious.  Max, ever the everyman, compares fixing her mental state like fixing a car, and even offers to go to counseling with her.

John wants to go out, but Stefano says he can’t.  FrankenJohn can speak!  He lies that John is a wanted fugitive, which is why he must keep his identity a secret.  Rolf comes in to tell them that Marlena is hear to see Stefano.  Stefano makes arrangements for John to eavesdrop on their conversation.  Marlena storms in and demands to know where Brady is.

Kayla wants to know that Steve is not just doing this for her.  He reassures her that he would never bring a child into this world that he doesn’t want with his whole heart and soul.  They kiss on it, and I really hope that’s the last I hear about it until Kayla pops the little bugger out.

Stephanie successfully makes an appointment to see Dr. Whitney this morning, so Max offers to take her over there.  She thanks him for everything that he’s done, even after the horrible way she treated him.

Stefano continues to claim that he doesn’t know anything about Crystal or Brady, and asks Marlena to leave.  She doesn’t leave, and instead, pulls a gun on him.

Belle, with bodyguard in tow, goes over to the pub.  Things are still very chilly between her and Hope.

Marlena tells Stefano that the serial number of her gun has been scraped off and is thus untraceable.  Haven’t they traced like every gun so far that had no serial number?  Anyway, she threatens to shoot, and FrankenJohn overhears everything from the back room.

Steve goes to the hospital for his appointment, but Stephanie is also there with Max.  Dr. Whitney shows up and promises that their appointment is going to be strictly confidential.  She just really wants to make sure that her dad doesn’t know she’s there, but I predict that there will be some shenanigans.

Hope tells Belle that she’s hurt for all of them, Belle included.  Kayla comes out to bring Claire.  Claire is awfully old to be so silent.  Is she slow?

Roman and Bo meet a man who comes out of the building next to the cleaners.  He claims that he’s there to work on renovations.  Bo asks him if he’s heard of C.B. DiMera, but the dude doesn’t know anything about him.

Stefano tells Marlena that she’s insane, and she answers by firing a round.  She says that the next time she shoots, she won’t miss.  I’m loving Marlena these days.  She’s the only female character on Days of our Lives lately who doesn’t take any guff.  She walks out of the DiMera mansion, but sensing something, she pauses for a moment as she passes the room where FrankenJohn is hiding.

Bo and Roman still don’t have a warrant to search the building, but Roman says that they can still stake out the place 24-7.

Stephanie’s appointment is over, and Dr. Whitney has set her up with two appointments a week.  She seems remarkably upbeat after her session.  She thanks Max again, and he suggests that they go get some lunch.  But as they leave, they run into Steve, and then the doctor comes back with her prescription for sleeping pills.  Steve wants to know what’s going on with Stephanie.  Steve wins father of the year award because he realizes that some things are mother-daughter stuff and he doesn’t pry further.  What is it about the Johnsons, and why don’t they ever believe Steve?  Stephanie freaks out that Steve is going to find out everything.

Bo goes back to the pub and asks Hope if she wants to spend a romantic evening with him, staking out the building.  Steve comes back to the pub too.  He gets that twinkle in his eye and tells Kayla that he wants to make a baby.

Stephanie decides the best thing she can do is call her mom and tell her about running into Steve.  Kayla tells her that she has to learn to trust her dad because he’s full of surprises and hasn’t even tried to pry.  Stephanie is relieved.  Kayla is also glad to hear that Stephanie went to see Dr. Whitney.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas and Philip scowl, Marlena tells Roman that she knows John is still alive, Stefano gives John instructions.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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