It’s been close to eight years since Men in Trees star Anne Heche turned her affections towards men after maintaining a relationship with comedian/talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres for two years.  At the rate her bitter divorce from cameraman Coleman Laffoon is going, the actress may be wishing she’d remained a lesbian.

Back in May of 2007, we reported that Laffoon had filed court papers in which he questioned the Men in Trees star’s psychological capacity as mother to their son, Homer.  He had requested for joint legal and primary physical custody of the child, along with monthly child support.  Since then, Laffoon has been granted custody of Homer and $15,000 in child allowance.

Last month, Laffoon went after his ex-wife anew, this time to ask for more money to increase his monthly child support.  The lensman, who has not found employment since 2000, the same year he began dating Heche, has asked his ex-wife to up the $15,000 he gets every month to exactly $22,604.

According to Laffoon, the current amount is not enough to cover his cost of living.  Apparently, he and Homer have had to make do with living in a $4,200 a month rental, $2,000 for food and groceries, and $1,500 for clothing.  Laffoon explained his request for additional support citing that his cost of living has risen since the sale of his and Heche’s Los Angeles home back in September.

Aside from the increase in monthly stipend, Laffoon’s lawyer has also asked the Men in Trees actress to shoulder the cost of her ex-husband’s legal fees.

Heche and Laffoon were married for six years from 2001 until divorcing in February of 2007.  According to rumors, the actress ended their union when she fell for James Tupper, her Men in Trees co-star and now also her current flame.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV