Remember the prince who became obsessed with Hunter Tylo’s character, Taylor Hayes Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful?  He was portrayed by the dashing Indian actor Kabir Bedi.

Bedi recently spoke with Times of India about his experiences as an actor in Bollywood, Hollywood and the rest of the global stage.

“Essentially, Bollywood, Hollywood, European films, theatre or television – they are all different media for entertainment, where different techniques and skills are used,” the 61-year old from Bombay, India remarked.  We are performers, interpreters or transporters – it doesn’t matter much where we are working.”

Bedi got his start in movies via projects like Hulchul, Khoon Bhari Maang and The Hero and Main Hoon Na.  He gained international recognition through his work in the 1983 James Bond flick, Octopussy, where he played the main villain’s henchman, Gobinda.  On television, he is famous (or infamous) as Prince Omar Rashid of Morocco, who rescued or abducted Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester on more than one occasion in the daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Bedi acknowledges the role of international exposure in an artist’s development, citing how his own route from Bollywood to Hollywood has affected him.

“If an actor is talented, one should try being a part of international projects.  It is full of risks, but it gives extraordinary rewards like global recognition and love of audiences across boundaries,” Bedi declared.  “If I hadn’t picked up global projects I wouldn’t have experienced it ever.  Till date, I am an active voting member of the Oscars Academy and it feels wonderful!”

While Bedi has been fortunate to have worked both on the big and small screens, television remains close to his heart.  The former Bold and the Beautiful exotic villain is all set to return to the medium where he first launched his career.

“It feels terrific that I am going to host a chat show, all the more because I will be interviewing directors, some of whom I have worked with,” Bedi said excitedly about his return to Indian television.

“Over the years, the television has not just grown, but has overtaken every other form of media, in terms of both idea and audio-visual content,” the actor commented.  “It is the reflection of our society.”

Bedi considers himself lucky to have endured through the many avenues, changes, hurdles and challenges of his chosen profession.

“When I look back at my sojourn, I feel a fair amount of pride, as the profession is very taxing.  Whether you are successful or not, you’re under a lot of pressure.  To battle it, one needs nerves of steel and it feels great that I survived it all.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Times of India
(Image Courtesy of The Hindu)


Staff Columnist, BuddyTV