When the CW recently announced their new midseason lineup, I doubt they expected the uproar that Supernatural fans would cause over their favorite show being left off the schedule after it runs out of new episodes.  Nearly 1000 people voted in BuddyTV’s online poll about the situation, and 94 percent of you wanted to know why the adventures of the Winchester brothers wouldn’t be shown in repeats in the new year.  Many fans also had some choice words for the CW over how they’ve treated the series since they acquired it, with this announcement only being the latest blow for a show that has often been underpromoted.

padackles, whose online nickname proves how much she loves the series, thinks that the CW needs a complete overhaul.  “The CW is a low class network which should keep showing its low rated shows like Gossip Girl, Reaper, and One Tree Hill….I mean I think that even Chad Michael Murray wants to finish this series already and go on with his career.  As for [CW President] Dawn O. shed better walk around with body guards after SPN fans hear this news all over the world.”

JAcklesObsessed is ready to be done with the network altogether, saying, “After the new episodes are done airing, I’m boycotting the stupid network until my freakin shows are back.  Hell, I’ll boycott watching TV all together!  I’m not gonna sit around and watch freakin reality tv!  Us Supernatural fans should rally!”

Some fans think that Supernatural has been slighted by the CW since they picked up the series. “Supernatural is a gem, the CW has made HUGE errors in,” edenrising says.  “One, their promotion of the series (of which their isn’t any);  two, by putting Supernatural in a suicide time-slot; three, by not approving the show for repeats during the strike and finally by obviously not watching the show.”

There are also many people out there who would like to see the series switch networks, though that is rarely something that happens in the world of television.  winchesterfaithful says, “I think what is happening is disgraceful especially after all that Supernatural has done for the network.  [Series creator Eric] Kripke should find a network that will support them….maybe the Sci Fi channel or even USA network or FOX.  At least there they could get the advertising that they don’t get from the CW!”

The Supernatural faithful aren’t just posting on message boards regarding the situation, but they’re also readying themselves for organized protesting.  An online petition to sway the CW to repeat the series can be found here, and there is already some talk of sending the network bags of salt as a way to show love for the series.  Salt is a substance often used by the Winchester brothers to kill demons, and may be just the thing to change the minds of network executives.

If the CW sticks to its decision not to air repeats of the series in the foreseeable future, the thoughts of WinchesterFan sum up what all other fans around the country will be thinking:  “With no Supernatural to air, the CW becomes Can’t Watch to me.”

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of the CW)


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