A lot of great content has been making its way online as we get closer to the January 8 return of One Tree Hill, with the latest being four exclusive clips from the season premiere.  These scenes, from the episode entitled “Four Years, Six Months, Two Days,” revolve around Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, Nathan, and Haley, and are all under two minutes in length.  Between these, the constant promos, and the six fast forward videos, I already feel like I’ve seen the entire season premiere.  However, if you still need more sneak peeks to get you pumped, read on to see what these clips contain.

The first clip shows a bearded, beaten down Nathan arguing with Haley.  She’s accusing him of sitting around and doing nothing for the past four months, while Nathan counters by whining about how terrible and meaningless his life has become.  The scene is definitely well acted by both James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti, if a little unintentionally comical due to Nathan’s horribly bad wig.

Lucas’s (Chad Michael Murray) scene finds him dealing with a bad case of writer’s block, as he attempts to compose a sentence for his latest novel and fails miserably.  His sexy new editor pops up in a video chat window on his computer to chastise him, but he fakes an earthquake and quickly gets rid of her.

Brooke’s clip involves her scurrying past paparazzi on the red carpet, then hopping in a limo with a guy named Nick and the bitchy CEO of Clothes Over Bros, Victoria.  I have to say, as an old fan of Melrose Place I’m excited to see Daphne Zuniga throw out snarky one-liners once again, and can only hope that Victoria gets to clash with Brooke (Sophia Bush) as often as possible.  The rest of the video shows Victoria kicking Nick out of the car, basically telling him that he’s not going to get his chance to have his way with Brooke.  The name of the clothing line is “Clothes Over Bros,” after all.

The final scene revolves around a conversation between Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and her boss at the record label, John.  Peyton is all idealistic, thinking that music can save lives, change the world, heal souls, cure cancer, and all sorts of other naive things, while John knows otherwise.  John tries to tell her that it’s all a business, and that if she truly wants to get ahead she’s going to have to play the game.  One way to do that, according to John, is to start unbuttoning her shirt more often before going into meetings.  While I agree that such a thing would probably work to get ahead in the industry, it doesn’t look like Peyton’s going to go that route.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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