Actor Darren Criss, whom you may remember as Matt Dallas’s brother on the short-lived Eastwick, just hitched his wagon to a much more successful star, and possibly the most talked-about role of the season. EW confirmed with Glee sources that Criss has joined the cast of Glee as a gay student named Blaine who sings with a rival glee club, the Dalton Academy Warblers.

Where first we were certain that new guy Chord Overstreet was going to play Kurt Hummel’s (Chris Colfer) much anticipated love interest, now it sounds like Criss may be the man for the job.

But producers are being careful to keep any romantic plot developments under wraps–or to keep their options open. His Glee sources tell Ausiello that Blaine “will maintain a strictly platonic friendship with McKinley High’s most out and proud pupil. But could that change as the season progresses? Yes, it could.”

Ryan Murphy has been clear that Kurt will definitely get a love interest, but even the stars of the show don’t seem to have a full handle on which guy will eventually play that role. After Jane Lynch seemed to have spilled that Overstreet, who plays new quarterback (and thus Finn’s new rival) Sam Evans, was Kurt’s main man, Chris Colfer told Ausiello that “there’s no sign of romantic tension between Sam and Kurt in the first four episodes.”

Besides his work on Eastwick, Criss is best known as playing the title role in the very funny A Very Potter Musical (and A Very Potter Sequel). The Harry Potter spoof by the University of Michigan theater group StarKid went viral last year, launching Criss into web celeb status and kick-starting his career as a singer-songwriter.

Once again harnessing the power of YouTube, Criss responded to Glee‘s open casting call this summer. Sounds like his performance of “Lean on Me” (below) paid off with the producers. And I’m not surprised. Comedy chops? Musical talent? All-around cuteness? Check, check and check. Criss will fit right in on Glee.

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