The Bones season 6 premiere, entitled “The Mastodon in the Room,” begins with the team scattered to the winds.

Brennan and Daisy fend off Indonesian guerillas while failing to find anything of anthropological value. Booth’s sniper training and military advisor job send him straight to the front lines of an insurgent-controlled village in Afghanistan. Sweets is exploring another side of his personality in a poorly-lit room. Hodgins and Angela remain in Paris, enjoying their extended honeymoon. Cam alone remains to work and crusade for justice in Washington.

Thank goodness Caroline the DA has all of their cell phone numbers!

Question: Is it standard for stateside DAs to have a direct line to combat troops in Afghanistan?

Soon, everyone is back home, ready to solve the case and save the day. What is the case? What day needs saving? I won’t spoil your viewing experience by telling, but I will share some tantalizing tidbits to get you excited for the Bones season premiere.

  • Bones is sporting a stylish new haircut this season. I guess they have high-end salons in the jungles of Indonesia.
  • Booth picked up more than combat experience in Afghanistan. And he has the cell phone photo to prove it!
  • You won’t see the Jeffersonian for most of this episode. But never fear: the team doesn’t need all those high-tech distractions to solve crime! Any basement will do.
  • Angela and Hodgins have more than one reason to move back home. And, for a conspiracy nut, Hodgins is terrible at keeping secrets.
  • When Bones leaves town, so does her job.
  • Everybody’s favorite intern Wendell is back!
  • The guy who played Agent Colby Granger on Numb3rs is a guest star and spends some quality time in the interrogation room.
  • There is in fact a mastodon in the room.

Not enough for you? Then check out these clips showing footage from the season 6 premiere episode!

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