Continuing in season 4’s trend of rather awesome guest casting, it has been reported (initially by Entertainment Weekly) that Summer Glau will play a role in episode 8 of Chuck. Fans of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles rejoice!

Glau will be playing the part of Greta, a CIA/NSA code name for a whole series of undercover agents. Each of the Gretas poses as a Buy More employee for a short time before disappearing to wherever superspies go next after Burbank. Olivia Munn played the first Greta in the Chuck season 4 premiere, and two other actors — Isaiah Mustafa (that lovely Old Spice man) and Stacy Keibler — will also appear as Greta in upcoming episodes.

Although we have yet to see a Greta in action (Olivia Munn’s Greta merely gave Buy More tours and disdained Morgan), the casting suggests that all Gretas will be ready and able to kick butt at a moment’s notice. They are also all quite lovely in appearance and hopelessly attractive to the more typical Buy More nerds.

What is Greta (take your pick as to which Greta) doing at the Buy More? Ever since the season 3 finale, when the old Buy More kind of exploded, the store has become a front for spy activity. Once populated with the dregs of nerd society, the Buy More of season 4 is instead filled with the armed and dangerous. Since they are still listed as regular characters, civilians like Jeff, Lester and Big Mike might also find work at their mysteriously transformed home. Whatever the case, it will be odd for John Casey to fit in better than Lester in the former slacker paradise.

There is no word yet on exactly how many Gretas we can hope to see over this season of Chuck, but these early numbers indicate that there will be quite a few. Who would you like to see as a Greta in the future? Leave a comment to make known your perfect casting choice!

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