Dancing with the Stars sent one of its hopefuls packing tonight.  So far this week has been a surprising opening for the contest, showing that the Dancing with the Stars competitors have evolved to the point where there is no warm up period.  Dancers like Melanie Brown, Sabrina Bryan, and Helio Castroneves put on performances this week that at times rivaled their professional partners. On the other hand, the under performers were on a whole new platform of bad as well.  Read on for who the ‘baddest of the bad’ are, and the final word on who went home and why.

The lowest scoring dancer was Josie Maran, and perhaps everything you need to know is in the tape. During the flashback to Maran’s training we saw a beautiful and charming personality who seemed more like a crispy surf bum than a ball room dancer.  In her defense, her partner Alec Mazo seemed to be rushing her on the floor, often giving the appearance of ‘dragging’ her around. No matter what you call it, the judges called it a train wreck, and the stage was set for her demise.  Did Dancing with the Stars voters agree by passing the model by?

Next lowest, amazingly, was boxer Floyd Mayweather.  Mayweather was expected to bring some serious competitiveness to the season, instead he started out ridiculously lazy and uncooperative.  In the flashbacks, he got serious and vowed to do what it takes, but his performance on the dance floor was not showing it, and he found himself the lowest scoring male contestant.

Wayne Newton equally astounded.  Many analysts pointed to Mr. Las Vegas’s years on the stage as a buffer for any dance floor incompetency.  One writer insinuated that Newton need only maintain a modicum of grace, and his charisma would carry him the rest of the way.  (That was me, but let’s forget I said that.) In the end, Newton’s performance was horrendous.  Completely lacking in rhythm and just painful to watch.

In the end it is Josie who is dismissed from Dancing with the Stars.  Not such a surprise, but will her neighbors in the bottom two be joining her next week?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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