Lost star Jorge Garcia appeared on the “Jay & Jack Ramblecast” as a co-host this week.  The pod cast is not the duo’s award winning “Lost Pod cast,” ironically; it is a podcast devoted to discussing pop culture in general.  But with Garcia’s proximity to the two Lost geeks, it wasn’t long before the discussion turned, briefly, to matters of a mysterious island nature.

Garcia was discreet with his answers, keeping very much in line with ABC’s “radio silence” motif, but some information did come through, not with regards to the actual plot, but certainly to the general tone of season 4’s beginning.  (Listen to the entire pod cast here).

Jorge said that they were currently filming episode 3 of Lost’s fourth season, and that the filming had been very physical, suggesting a more action oriented tone on the tail of the intellectual conundrums posed by the season 3 finale of Lost.  “We’re well into filming at this point,” Garcia said. “It’s been pretty busy, and a lot of physical stuff in the beginning.”  Later Jorge revealed it was “Heavy on the awesome.” 

So just how do you get one of the most beloved actors from such an iconic television show to sit down and co-host your pod cast?  I asked Ramblecast’s co-host Jay Glatfelter that question.  “Jorge called our Lost podcast a couple weeks after we first started, and called every now and then to answer questions that we would propose on our show. Last year at comic con we got to meet Jorge and have dinner with him, and have kept in touch since,” Jay said. “This season of the Ramblecast we’ve had special guest hosts, and we asked him if he would like to host and he agreed.”

Garcia is not the only person associated with Lost to make a surprise appearance.  Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse published a pod cast last week to commemorate the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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