Have you ever been watching America’s Next Top Model and thought to yourself, “I really like watching all these attractive models but I just feel like without some math or spelling questions, I’m not getting all the enjoyment I could out of my TV viewing.”

Well, has VH1 got a program for you!

America’s Most Smartest Model‘s premiere episode will air on October 7, at 9pm Eastern. The show will have a group of models, evenly split between men and women, who all think they could be the smartest model in America. They will live together and compete to be named the “perfect combination of Beauty and Brains.” 

If you can, tear your eyes away from the photo on the left and click through to learn more about the beautiful brains that will be featured on the program.

VH1 says that “In every episode the ‘himbos’ and ‘bimbos’ will face challenges that put both their overall intelligence and their beauty to the test. The individual or team that wins will be safe, the loser(s) will face elimination. In the end, only one model will prove they’re more than just another pretty face and take home the V05 Extreme Style $100,000 prize and the coveted title of America’s Most Smartest Model.”

Now, you could debate the intelligence of anyone who willingly goes along with being referred to as either a ‘bimbo’ or a ‘himbo,’ but until we see them put to the test, we won’t really know just how smart these Most Smartest models really are. In the meantime, you can pore over their photographs and brief bios and look for signs of the intelligent life.

Some of the highlights for me? The model whose signature model move is “hands on hips,” and the male model who “claims he has great game with women.” A male model who has good luck with the ladies? You’re pulling my leg!

Early guesses as to who to watch out for?  Based on the little info we have, I’d say Daniel Schuman, who has a Masters and is on his way to a doctorate, and Victoria Fisher, who has a good GPA from a good university. 

Lisa Byrnes
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Age: 27
Nickname is Cat
Was in Maxim Halloween spread as a pirate
Is also a dancer
Says she was back up dancer for Paul McCartney

Mandy Lynn
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Age: 26
Has half a million friends on Myspace
Has modeled for Playboy
Believes she’s a pretty good speller

Hometown: Corona Del Mar, CA
Age: 22
Graduated from BYU with a 3.7 GPA
Has modeled for Chris Cruise and Filthy Gorgeous
Raised in a strictly Mormon household
Says she comes from money and isn’t dazzled by the 100K grand prize

Rachel Myers
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Age: 27
When she was little she won 1st place in her town pageant
Has modeled for Trashy Lingerie
Her signature model move is her hands on her hips

Erika Medina
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Age: 22
Had a feature in FHM Magazine
Grew up poor
Her favorite class in high school was drama.

Jamie Everett
Hometown: Texas
Age: 26
Was Case #24 Model on Deal or No Deal
Is half Native American
Believes her biggest asset is her sexy back

Andre Birleanu
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Age: 24
Parents were diplomats
Raised in Romania and says he speaks 5 languages
He was discovered while fixing his bike on the street
Recently modeled for Converse and Saks Fifth Avenue

Gaston Willig
Hometown: Argentina
Age: 24
Started modeling at 16 in Miami
Competes in Martial Arts
Has an Associate’s Degree
Claims that he has really great game with women

Jesse Lewis
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Age: 26
Is Bisexual
Naomi Campbell is his influence
Loves being the center of attention
Thinks his exotic looks will take him far in the competition
Graduated honors (3.65) GPA with a B.A. in English/ Telecommunications from Alabama A&M

Jeff Pickel
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Age: 29
Was in a major motorcycle accident in 1999.
Only finished 3 years of college as an electrical engineering major
Has modeled for Prada and Marlboro
Has been clinically diagnosed with ADHD

Brett Novek
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Age: 22
Graduated from college with a BA in Marketing
Is fond of his abs
Confrontational when he thinks he is right
Scared of pigs
He is the face of “Papi Underwear”

VJ Logan
Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
Age: 21
Has a high school diploma
Grew up with very little. Strong, working mother and absent father
Driven to succeed to help his family and pay for his college education.
Says he’s extremely competitive
Was discovered at a Pro Scout Search

Slavco Twkaloski
Hometown: New York City/ Macedonia
Age: 26
Refers to his body as his Ferrari
Says he speaks 5 languages
Is a certified personal trainer
Claims that his biggest weakness is that he is too chiseled

Hometown: Saddle Brook, NJ
Age: 31
Was Valedictorian in high school
Has a masters in Psychology and just completed his dissertation for his doctorate in Psych
Speaks fluent Spanish
Says he is an overachiever that hates to lose
Started modeling to pay off his education loans

Angela Hart
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Age: 25
Has an Associates Degree (3.2 GPA)
Is a big ball of energy.
Does not like being stereotyped into urbanized modeling because of her race

Rachael Murphy
Hometown: Australia
Age: 25
Has lived and worked in LA, Chicago, NY, & Miami
Graduated college in 3 years from University of Canberra, Australia’s capitol
Has done recent commercial work with DHL and Circuit City

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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