The Dancing with the Stars results shows have returned. While many reality competitions have started combining performances and results into one show (DWTS, SYTYCD, American Idol), it’s nice to have a separation. Last night was all about dancing and tonight is all about the results.

'Dancing with the Stars' Results: A Huge Double Elimination

The bad news is that six couples are coming into this episode of Dancing with the Stars, but only four will move on to the semifinals. It’s a double elimination, and with two weeks of scores and votes, plus last week’s shocking elimination of Willow Shields, anything is possible.

I’m predicting Robert Herjavec and Chris Soules will be eliminated, but that’s just wishful thinking. It’s obvious from the leaderboard and the Trio dances that they deserve to go home, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. For instance, it’s obvious from the scores and performances that Nastia Liukin, Rumer Willis, and Riker Lynch should be the Top 3, but can they survive tonight? And is Noah Galloway’s “blockiness” outweighed by his powerful story?

According to BuddyTV’s poll with more than 1,200 users, 63 percent agree that Robert and Chris will go home. Over 90 percent of you think it will be some combination of those two and Noah. Needless to say, the elimination of Rumer, Riker, or Nastia would be quite a shock.

Besides the results, we also have performances from Josh Groban and Carly Rae Jepsen, a routine from Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound featuring Dance Mom‘s Maddie Ziegler and the return of DanceCenter with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len Goodman.

LIVE…from Hollywood…this is Dancing with the Stars: The Results!

Encore: The judges pick a dance to see again, and they go with Rumer, Val, and Artem’s Paso Doble. Perfection, just like last night.


Rumer and Val are…SAFE!

Whew, one down, two to go. Well, three more couples are going to the Semifinals, but Nastia and Riker are the only ones who really NEED to be there.

DanceCenter #1:

Len, Jerry, and Kenny are back for the SportsCenter parody, analyzing the six remaining couples. They show rehearsal footage of Robert and Kym kissing and saying “I love you.” Kenny says that Chris couldn’t get a girl the regular way, so he went on a TV show, then they mock his inability to count. Riker is like “if David Lee Roth and one of the Hansen brothers had a baby,” according to Kenny. I can’t tell if Kenny Mayne isn’t into this at all or if he’s just really deadpan.


Chris and Witney are…IN JEOPARDY!

The audience idiotically boos like sheep, even though Chris totally deserves to be at the bottom.

Road to the Finals:

On Saturday, May 16, ABC will air the Road the Finale special. Yikes, who is gonna watch that? It usually airs before the finale, but this year The Bachelorette is getting a two-night premiere instead.

Carly Rae Jepsen:

She sings her new song, “I Really Like You,” which she also did on last night’s episode of Castle. She’s all over ABC. I just wish she was singing “Call Me Maybe” instead. I don’t care what anyone says, that song is awesome.


Noah and Sharna are…SAFE!

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson ARE ELIMINATED!

Robert and Kym had the lowest combined scores, so they’re in sixth place. That makes sense since they’ve been dead-last on the leaderboard for four weeks in a row. And now that Noah is in the Semifinals with Rumer, there are only two spots left. Will they go to Riker and Nastia, or is one of them getting robbed by Chris? Whatever happens, Chris is now the best male Bachelor dancer as Jake Pavelka finished in seventh and Sean Lowe was eliminated in sixth place.

DanceCenter #2:

Kenny refers to the gymnast as Nastia Putin, the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and incorrectly adds that she won a gold medal for Russia. Then it’s all about Derek. Kenny thinks Noah has an advantage because, with one leg, he only has to do half the steps. Wow, he went there! Rumer may be the daughter of John McClane and G.I. Jane, but that doesn’t stop Kenny from talking about her booty.

Shaping Sound:

Travis Wall’s dance troupe performs a routine against a series of moving walls that is just insanely cool.


Nastia is upset that everyone thinks she’s a bitch because of the video package of her breaking down last night.

Nastia and Derek are…SAFE!
Riker and Allison are…IN JEOPARDY!

OK, I figured this might happen, but for the love of God, Riker had better not be leaving. Even Chris knows he doesn’t deserve to be in the Semifinals more than Riker.

Josh Groban:

He sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while Maddie Ziegler and some other little girls dance.


It’s down to Riker Lyncn vs. Chris Soules, aka the guy with the highest average score from the judges for the entire season vs. the guy with the seventh-best average score from the judges. The guy who got six 10s last night vs. the guy who got two 9s last night, his first and only 9s of the entire season.

Chris Soules and Witney Carson ARE ELIMINATED!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris definitely did a great job, much better than anyone expected and he should be very proud of what he did. But Rumer, Riker, and Nastia are on another level in terms of dancing while Noah was the emotional backstory.

On the bright side, Witney Carson did something that Tony Dovolani, Karina Smirnoff, Kym Johnson, Peta Murgatroyd, and Alec Mazo couldn’t: Finish in the Top 5 the season after winning. The two Houghs, Mark Ballas and Cheryl Burke are the only other winners to finish in the Top 5 the season after they won.

Next week on Dancing with the Stars: It’s the Semifinals as each of the judges coach one of the final four couples.

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