We’re still hours away from the week 8 performances on Dancing with the Stars, but there is plenty of news already. Who needs dancing, after all, when the stars provide so much entertainment?

Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey Return to Television
It’s not April 1, is it? Because an April Fool’s joke is the only rational, sane explanation I can come up with for the following news: Bristol Palin will be appearing on a reality show in which she lives with Kyle Massey and his brother.


Apparently, this is somehow a real thing. The show, which will air on the BIO channel (formerly The Biography Channel), is scheduled to premiere at some point toward the end of 2011. Bristol and her son, Tripp, will move to Los Angeles for the program, where they will share a house with the Massey brothers, Kyle and Chris. Bristol will then take a job at a charity.

Although Bristol and Kyle both made it to the finals of season 11 of Dancing with the Stars, there has not previously been much evidence that the two were close friends. Not close enough for cohabitation (even in this incredibly chaste version) anyway.

There is no word on what Kyle and Chris Massey will be doing. Acting? Working at the same charity? Playing Tripp’s wacky babysitters?

In the reality-TV world, this makes total sense. Actual reality may, however, never recover.

Ralph Macchio Injures His Knee
Ralph Macchio may be going into week 8 of Dancing with the Stars as a possible finale contender, but he’s going to have to beat an injury first. According to the star’s Twitter account, Ralph has a ruptured cyst in his knee. It might even be enough to keep the actor from dancing tonight.

Late last night, Ralph posted the first Tweet about the problem:

Has Ralph been able to practice? Does he have a chance during the performances tonight?

It sounds like Ralph has gotten a little practice time in, but will it be enough to get the star through a week when only five pairs remain in competition? With two dances to pull off, Ralph could be in trouble.

Add to this the worry that Ralph might not be able to perform at all. Knee injuries aren’t the best when it comes to dancing. Still, the latest of the tweets indicates that Ralph fully expects to perform tonight.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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Are you excited about the upcoming Bristol Palin/Kyle Massey reality show? Confused? Scared? Do you think Ralph will be able to perform tonight? Leave a comment below!

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