Kent and Vyxsin had one of the most dramatic and amusing returns to The Amazing Race we’ve ever seen. When they weren’t bickering (usually about forgetting something), they were making us laugh with their commentary, or fighting with the Globetrotters. I had the opportunity to ask “The Goths” some questions and find out more about the Globetrotters, what happened in Varanasi, and how they feel about their race. You won’t want to miss this one.

Congratulations on making it so far! You two were so much fun to watch. You experienced a number of setbacks this season. What was the most frustrating moment for you?

Kent: Obviously our most frustrating moment was misreading the clue which lead to our elimination.
Vyxsin: At that point in the game, our heads were FRIED and FRANTIC. The Roadblock with the chocolate gnomes started out so fun and turned into a complete disaster with the “Who took the Gnome Mold” debacle.

For the most part it seems the like the teams are getting along this season, except for you and the Globetrotters. Is the social game an important factor in winning the Race? How do you feel about the Globetrotters now?

Kent: ¬†Honestly, we tried to run a very “separatist” race from the others, we stayed out of cliques and the melodrama … but it seems they kept trying to pull us into it. The situation with the Globetrotters at the Roadblock in Zermatt was just ludicrous and completely unnecessary.
Vyxsin: If you watch the show and the footage, it is very clear that I put my chocolate mold on the bottom shelf of the freezer. Flight Time then goes over to the freezer and starts proclaiming that someone took his work … and then the two of them begin blaming me.
Kent: And this is where I am confused about them. Did they ACTUALLY think that Vyxsin took it? Or did they just see this as a good opportunity to bully us and break us down? I’ll probably never know the truth there, but the truth is she never touched Flight’s mold. With the Globes, I think overall they can be good guys, but when they don’t get their own way they turn into big babies and they aren’t afraid to verbally belittle you.

What was your favorite moment or challenge?

Vyxsin: My personal favorite moment was my moped challenge in Lichtenstein. It was amazing to see that country, from border to border, and the remarkably beautiful scenery, architecture, and people. That was very special … and no, no one shared the answer to that task with me. ūüėČ
Kent: My favorite moment was surviving the two Legs in India! During our original Race (season 12), we were eliminated in Mumbai, India. It was great to redeem ourselves there and to survive amongst the colorful chaos of this country!

Is there anything you did on the show that you look back on now and say, “I can’t believe we did that”?

Kent: Seeing just how brutal my fall from the Ladder (at the Dinosaur-building Roadblock) in China really shocked me. That fall actually injured my third rib on my right side, an injury I hid from the other teams and from the Race Medics, so that we didn’t have to take a Hospital-Detour and risk elimination.
Vyxsin: I couldn’t believe I pulled Kent around in the luggage cart on that Detour in Switerzeland!
Kent: Last night at the grocery store, I pulled Vyxsin around in our grocery cart so we are even now! I guess more than what we saw on the show, I do wish more could have been shown about my dad. He passed away before we left for Unfinished Business and I was running my Race in tribute to him. Vyxsin and I spoke at length about him at our Final Mat with Phil, but none of that made the final edit. That was very sad for me honestly.

Who was your Favorite Team?

Kent: We really loved Mike and Mel, Luke and Margie and were sad to see them go out of the game.
Vyxsin: The Cowboys were a great team too.
Kent: Though I disagree with the “All the teams ganged up on the Cowboys” opinion that has been discussed by some fans, I enjoyed their commitment to fair and honest gameplay. I just don’t feel like there was a conspiracy to oust them, the Globetrotters U-Turned them but that’s what they thought they had to do at that moment.

Kent, at the Roadblock in Varanasi, India, did you really ditch Gary?

Kent: Actually I did NOT, although it kind of appeared that way on TV. I struck a deal with Gary that was twofold: (1) We would help each other find all of the required pieces of paper and (2) I would show Gary the location of the Final Holy Man. ¬†I was actually the first player to find the Final Holy Man. ¬†This task ended up taking Gary and two hours or more. ¬†About midway through the task, I decided to go ahead and show Gary the location of the Final Holy Man. ¬†I showed Gary and I said “OK, you got it? ¬†You know where he is, it’s easy right?
Let’s go find the papers now and then I’m going to bolt.” ¬†Once we found that last piece of paper, our co-dependency was OVER –we had all the papers and I had showed Gary the location of the Final Holy Man. ¬†At that point it became a footrace and I just happen to be faster than Gary (although he’s definitely stronger than me in the physical department.) ¬†Both of us fulfilled our “deal” for the other.
I didn’t ditch him.

Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?

Kent: ¬†This Race only solidified our interested in travel, adventure, and the unknown. ¬†Also, our friendship has improved immensely as we have watched the show, seeing what we did “right” when interacting with the other, and what we did “wrong”. ¬†It was kind of like this Amazing Race was Amazing Therapy for us. ¬†There were moments we both noticed where we needed to be more sensitive with the other, and we will have learned to always be there for the other, no matter what the “Roadbloack” is.
Vyxsin: Though we won’t be racing in it, we want to encourage everyone to check out the final episode, this Sunday May 8, 8pm on CBS–it is one of the most tumultuous, unpredictable endings in Race history. Make your “pick to win” now and be ready!

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