We’re down to five now, and I think it’s pretty clear that Jacob will be going home on American Idol tonight. I predicted the same thing last week, though, and Casey ended up leaving. But this week, it looks like we’re mostly in agreement. In the poll in last night’s recap, I asked who you thought would be going home and 92% of you think it will be Jacob. That’s a landslide, y’all.

No one thinks James will be going home, and I agree. I don’t think he had the best performances last night at all, but the judges love him, and he has proven that he deserves to be in the finals. There’s no denying that he’s a good singer.

This could have been a tenuous week for Haley, as she has just barely scraped by in the past, but she knocked it out of the park (twice, I think, although the judges didn’t seem to care for her first performance). I think she’s earned her spot in the Top 4. Lauren also had some great performances last night, so she will likely stay on top. Then again, Scotty had a good week last week and found himself in the bottom three.

About that bottom three: was it really the bottom three? Ryan Seacrest said something about giving the results “in random order,” so does that mean random order within the bottom three, or random order entirely? Just give it to us straight, Seacrest!

If last week was as I understood it (the real bottom three), then I think Scotty may benefit from the voter backlash, receiving lots of “never again!” votes. Scotty also had a good week, with his performance of “Gone” being one of his best.

This really just leaves us with Jacob. Jacob has a good voice, but didn’t put on his best performances this week. “No Air” was weak and weird, and “Love Hurts” may have come too late in the game. Jacob has been in the bottom pretty consistently recently, so I think it will be his time to go. If there is a bottom three this week (who knows what Seacrest will do?), I think Jacob will be joined by Lauren and Haley. What do you think?

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