This week on Dance Moms, Maddie will be performing a duet with a young man. Could love be blooming? If so, how long will it be before Abby nips it in the bud. Remember, she feels that love is much lower on the priority scale than dancing. Let’s watch and see just where the story takes us.


Wow! Two things hit me immediately in the previews. Abby has gotten Cathy’s old dancer Gino to partner with Maddie. More important, Maddie has bought a clue! Is Dance Moms now a soap opera?

In the pyramid meeting, Sarah and her mom join the elite team. Abby, of course, rubs our girls’ noses in losing two competitions. Abby lectures the girls on their attitude and tells them to “suck it up.” Jill points out the girls didn’t show their disappointment until they were in the hall. But Abby doesn’t care that they feel they didn’t get a fair shot. Holly just rolls her eyes.

Chloe is last due to her turns, with Maddie next having lost her leadership skills. Wow! Abby has turned on Maddie. Kendall is next with only a good job. Nia isn’t flexible or born to dance so she has to work twice as hard. Nice encouragement, Abby. MacKenzie is last. She dances for Abby, not the judges. The top spot is for Sarah because her team won.

This week, IN10sity is in Cleveland, Ohio, which will be the site, and we know that means Cathy and Candy Apples. The girls will be broken dolls in the group number instead of American sweethearts. The duet will be “The Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed” and inspired by Abby’s stint as a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars. Maddie will have the lead with Gino (formerly of the Candy Apples).


“Broken Dolls” is a ballet piece. Abby wants the girls to have a rigid stance in the dance. Upstairs, Christy points out that our girls were bad losers. Holly tells us the girls have realized what really happened. Christy calls the elite squad sore losers and Christi voices my opinion. Christy doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And why is Melissa so quiet?

At the Candy Apples, Cathy tells her team that Nick (in Spain) and Zac will not be there. John, a friend of Abby’s, is her choreographer. Cathy thinks this will make Abby mad. Evan and Alyssa, ringers, will do a duet inspired by Abby’s turn as judge.

At Abby’s, Gino has arrived and Christy is not happy with Gino’s arrival. Sarah is there to prove herself and he’s not needed. Abby is using him to make Cathy apple sauce. I’m worried because I see Sarah can’t keep up. Abby does admit she can’t risk Sarah’s performance and this sets Christy off. As she gets loud, Abby heads upstairs to explain the dance. Christy announces that the moms think Sarah shouldn’t be there and Abby agrees. Christi states the obvious: Christy threw the old moms under the bus.

Cathy’s duet looks like ballroom but seems slow and hesitant, but it must win. Meanwhile, Maddie and Gino have trouble with the kiss. Melissa tells us that Maddie is shy around boys. Abby forces the issue and Maddie finally does the kiss. She runs to tell the others and Gino looks shocked. Maddie is a typical pre-teen after all.

Cathy feels that Abby has a “judge” conspiracy and plans to prove this with the group dance. Cathy does realize the judges nitpick routines. Meanwhile, Christy looks upset as Gino keeps rehearsing with Maddie. Mickey wants Gino to have a place on the team,which Christy won’t have. Downstairs, Mickey gives a demonstration of the kiss and Abby seems to enjoy it.

Holly realizes the group number needs to be precise and crisp. Sarah is not cutting it. Add to that Mickey, who Christy sees as the deceiver (per the Bible). Mickey assures everyone that he is there for Gino.

The Competition

The teams arrive and Cathy insults Gino immediately. Jill shares that John is helping Cathy, which upsets Abby. In the duets’ costumes, Evan’s shorts are terrible in my book, while Gino looks professional. As the time grows near, Holly realizes that Abby thinks Maddie could be beat. Alyssa and Evan’s routine is beautiful. Gino and Maddie’s performance has sophistication. This may be because it is musical theater. For their first time as partners, they’re good together, but Abby isn’t happy.

Abby does encourage her team as they prepare for the group number. Cathy’s conspiracy goes first and it’s creepy. They look like old-timey theater takers. Abby has each girl with a separate part and they do well with the ballet. The dance is much more like a storyline than Cathy’s was. Backstage, Chloe is upset because she fell, but Maddie tells her that if they don’t win it wasn’t their fault.

The Awards

In the duets, Abby’s duet wins second, which shocks Abby, while Cathy’s wins first. Cathy celebrates the win over Maddie. The group is the reverse. Cathy comes in second and Abby’s group is first. Holly is surprised as the rest celebrate.

Backstage, Cathy is disappointed and she hates losing. Meanwhile, Abby is relieved about the group and asks Chloe if she got hurt. Christy is told that Sarah needs energy. Abby makes Gino and his father leave, earning an insult from Christy. She’s such a good Christian. Abby looks at Christy in disgust.

Of course, Cathy comes up to find out about Gino. Christi sends Cathy to talk to Abby, which makes Cathy leave.

Next Week

Christy pushes for the garbage to be taken out — and does she name names? And Holly’s upset over Nina’s costume (which includes a dog collar). 


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