Last week’s episode of Dance Moms made me wonder, where is Abby? Did she turn down her usual hysterics because Cathy was going to be around or was it just an off week for the demanding Abby Lee Miller. We all know that won’t happen, especially since rumors have been flying that Maddie and Mackenzie compete against each other. With the return of Payton and Leslie, that means the drama level goes up with our moms. Hold on. It will be a rocky night.

The Pyramid and Rehearsals

Oh, the joy of pyramid. While Abby is happy with the group win, she’s also taking the credit for Kendall’s technique award. Wait. You taught Kendall technique, Abby? Oh, great!

Nia now can’t do facials, which puts her on the bottom with Mackenzie and Payton. After Abby starts in on Payton being a baby, Leslie jumps in and defends her daughter. Payton runs out and Leslie tries to convince her to leave the studio. Payton isn’t have that because she likes everything and everyone there. Abby talks to Payton about her status as a rock star. She tells Payton that she’s going to hear worse at auditions. In a confidential, Abby says Payton needs to toughen up.

Chloe (homeschooling) and Maddie (the marvelous) make up row two. At the top is Kendall (and Jill celebrates).

This week, they are going to World-Class Talent in Rockville, Maryland. Payton will be doing the lead in Abby’s salute to Kinky Boots, which Nia points out is about drag queens. Holly isn’t happy. The routine is called “Lift You Up.” Maddie will be doing a tap solo to “The Game of Love.” Mackenzie will be performing Maddie’s old “Cry” routine. Chloe is doing “Follow You” because she has so many followers on social media.

Rehearsal starts and Christi asks Lesley about the eruption at pyramid. Lesley is upset because Payton didn’t want to leave. As the moms watch, Abby talks to Chloe, and Maddie once again emphasizes that she is her number one dancer. This seems to upset both Christi and Melissa.

As rehearsal continues, the moms do not like the group routine. It’s not a winner. Abby reminds everyone that Maddie doesn’t have the lead. As solos start rehearsal, Maddie looks upset that Mackenzie will be using one of her old costumes. Abby tells us that Mackenzie needs to embrace her “inner Maddie.” Abby, this is Mackenzie?

Leslie asks Melissa about her two daughters competing against each other. Melissa says she is okay, but her face tells us differently. Christi is upset on the rehearsal time given to Chloe, but Abby does say that Chloe is an asset to ALDC. Wait, did I hear that right?

As the group dance starts up again, the moms debate the “drag queen” theme. Lesley asks if a lyrical dance beats the group routine, will she blame Payton? Most think she will. As the routine ends, Abby brings in two drag queens, Lola and Blade, to show the girls confidence. The girls need to embrace being a performer. Payton is told that she makes one heck of a drag queen.

Payton is also told by Blade to use dramatic eyes, kisses and struts. The moms even get in on the action. Blade and Lola are going to help with Payton’s makeover. The drag queens do offer encouragement to Payton and booster her confidence.

Preparation and Competition

At the studio, Mackenzie states the obvious. She’s not Maddie. In Rockville, each soloist looks worried. Abby asks Mackenzie to show her the Maddie face. Jill feels Abby should stop comparing the two. Christi encourages Mackenzie to be herself, while mom Melissa says nothing.

At the soloists’ performance, Maddie is first with her tap routine and Melissa believes Maddie belongs on Broadway. Mackenzie takes the stage and Melissa looks worried. As Mackenzie dances, Melissa breaks into a smile. Why did the producers put a clip of Maddie in the bottom of the screen? Tacky! Mackenzie is good but lacks the Maddie face.

Last up is Chloe, and Christi thinks that Abby has put Chloe out of the running. Her routine looks very mature.

In the dressing rooms, the moms are proud of the soloists. Lesley tries to make Melissa see that Mackenzie should be her own person. Melissa wn’t listen. (It would hurt the girls’ solos.) Abby comes in and tells all the moms that Mackenzie will never be Maddie.

Abby isn’t happy with the group dance because of Payton. Now Abby is worried about doing this routine in Maryland. Wait, Holly had that concern earlier.

On stage, the routine looks good but the twerking has the audience uncomfortable (or, as Abby says, confused). The girls backstage knows that the judges didn’t like it.

The awards are presented. Chloe gets third, Mackenzie second and Maddie (as usual) wins it all. Christi says this is usual for ADLC. In the small groups, Abby is worried, but the girls gets first.

In the dressing room, the moms are confused, but Abby is happy and hugs only Melissa. Abby tells Lesley that Payton was outstanding but Abby couldn’t take her eyes off Mackenzie. Now Lesley is upset. As the moms tell Melissa that this is unfair, Melissa thinks she’s being picked on (again). Melissa is a prima donna.

On next week’s Dance Moms, which airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime, Cathy is back. And Christi loses it and cusses Abby (again).

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