Abby really turns up the pressure this week when the girls not only have to prepare a nearly perfect routine for their individual Joffrey auditions, but also be familiar enough with a brand new dance to compete with in another competition. The dreaded Candy Apples will be in attendance both at the Joffrey auditions and the New Jersey competition, so Abby’s reputation is definitely on the line. Let’s see if the girls’ “Jailbird” inspired routine is enough to beat Cathy, and if any of Abby’s girls earn the Joffrey scholarship!

The Audition

You know the pressure is on when a veteran like Maddie is so flustered that she can barely focus on her dances. Granted, there was a bit of a dance bag situation, but it’s out of the ordinary to see such a seasoned dancer get so distracted. It’s too bad these dances aren’t more about having fun doing something that they love, but I guess there’s little room for fun in the world of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The girls’ anxiety and fears are justified because the Joffrey judges are really tough. It looks like Abby’s tough love over the years will pay off when they have to face real-life judges like these who are blunt and tell you exactly why they don’t like you. (And I love that they called out the girl with WAY too much makeup on. Let’s be honest, she resembled a clown).

Behind the scenes, Cathy decides to provoke Abby and the other moms to their breaking points, and one of the judges is forced to step outside and give them a stern talking-to. Poor girls, it has got to be the ultimate embarrassment to have their moms yelled at while they are working their little feet off. Only time will tell if any of Abby or Cathy’s girls will be offered a Joffrey scholarship, but I can’t say I’m really rooting for any of the Candy Apples.

Oh No She Didn’t!

Once again Cathy had a trick up her sleeve that even I wasn’t expecting. She has Kendall go up against Chloe in the solo battles performing to the same number with almost the exact same costume. Too bad for Cathy, Chloe proved to be the real Queen of Hearts this week.

Good for her, I’m really happy that Chloe got her time to shine. And on top of it all, Chloe gets the scholarship to Joffrey! She clearly has what it takes to be a beautiful ballerina, and while the news is worthy of a great celebration the mood is dampened when Maddie has a little tantrum about not getting an offer. However, I have to agree with the Joffrey judges when they said she is more suited for Broadway. I don’t doubt that Maddie has a great future ahead of her, but she seems to have a hard time seeing it.

Just to add a bit more disappointment to Maddie’s plate, she forgets part of her dance and runs of stage in the middle of her solo. She knows this is a big no no for Abby, and is terrified that her dance teacher is going to totally rip into her. It’s heartbreaking to see how scared she is of making a mistake and that Abby might disapprove of her. What’s worse? Abby’s reaction.

A Softer Side of Abby

Abby actually cries when Maddie runs of the stage … and these aren’t tears of joy like we’ve seen in the past. She actually appears to have feelings! Needless to say, the other moms are pissed because Abby hasn’t shown one bit of emotion when their girls have forgotten parts of their dances before. It really seems out of character for Abby to get so emotional over this, and especially for her to let the moms get to her. Is this the end of Abby Lee? She storms off and leaves the competition without her moms and dancers, so we will have to wait and see!

What do you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Maddie deserves a Joffrey scholarship too? Why does Cathy provoke so many arguments? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV for all of your Dance Moms commentary!

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