When the CW announced its new midseason schedule, the fact that Supernatural reruns were nowhere to be found caused an uproar in the fan community.  Fans of the series saw this as being yet another setback for the Winchester boys, which was especially painful since the show is already in a terrible time slot and gets little promotion.  The good news is that the outcry from the fans did not go unheard.  The CW’s network communications executive, Paul McGuire, recently sent an e-mail to About.com where he emphatically stated that the network still stands behind Supernatural.

“The CW is very supportive of Supernatural and continues to be,” McGuire stated.  “The show continues to deliver strong episodes viewers like yourself have embraced.  The move to air encores of Reaper Thursdays at 9 is an attempt to get sampling for that show, which is in its first season, unlike Supernatural, which is a proven veteran.”

While it’s nice to hear a CW executive refer to Supernatural as a “proven veteran,” it still doesn’t seem particularly supportive for the network to completely remove the show from the schedule.  If they wanted to temporarily move it in order to give new Reaper episodes more exposure, that’d be fine.  However, the least they could have done is schedule some Supernatural reruns for another night.  I’d recommend Wednesdays at 9pm, which is when encore episodes of Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious will be airing.  We don’t even need that airing once a week, much less twice.

For fans who are worried that Reaper might become a breakout hit in the time slot and further bury Supernatural, I wouldn’t be concerned.  Reaper currently averages about 500,000 fewer viewers, and despite the CW’s hopes, isn’t likely to gain more while it’s up against new episodes of Lost on ABC.  If the CW really wants to show their support for the Winchesters, they’ll bring Supernatural back to the schedule as soon as possible.

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– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: About.com
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