CBS’ Jericho has yet to debut its long-awaited second season, but show executives have already cooked up something in the event the post-apocalyptic drama is renewed for a third run.

Executive producer Carol Barbee told SCI-FI Wire over the weekend that for Jericho’s upcoming seven-episode sophomore season, two endings were filmed: one that provides a “satisfying” resolution to the series, and another that ends with a plotline that will spill into a third season.

Warning: may contain spoilers.

“We don’t end the show,” Barbee said in an interview.  “What we do, we did two endings.  We shot two endings.  And one of them basically just lets you know that everybody is OK.  The other ending shows you exactly where we’re going to go for the third season. … I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger as much as I would say you say, ‘Oh, OK, now I know where we’re going to go.’  But if there’s not going to be a third season, the other one puts sort of a nice emotionally satisfying point to it.”

For Jericho to gain a better chance at getting renewed for a third run, it must be able to not only retain its current fan base, but also draw more viewers with its second season, which is slated to premiere next month.  The second season picks up from last year’s cliffhanger, in which the people of the small Kansas town were preparing to go up against New Bern.

“We get into Jericho and reconstruction has begun,” Barbee told SCI-FI Wire.  “The Cheyenne government is in town.  They’re rebuilding.  People are getting jobs, people are getting cell phones, life is coming back to Jericho.  But it’s changed, because now there’s this government, Cheyenne, and they have contractors who are working for them named Jennings & Rall, and … this company … [has] set up a storefront on Main Street.  And they’re going to be a big presence in our lives for the next season.”

The upcoming season, which will kick off on February 12 at 10pm, will also take a new direction in terms of the overall theme.

“The headline is [that] the first season was about surviving the nuclear attack and saving the town,” Barbee explained.  “The second season is about saving the country and our way of life, our system of government.  And then the natural progression is to have that be save the world for the third season.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: SCI-FI Wire
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