CSI will still be in reruns for the next few weeks, but still has a full seven episodes to go when it returns, as they’re doing a full 24 episodes, not just 20 like a lot of other current shows. We previously brought you a few details on 7.18 “Empty Eyes”.

Few details are known about the remaining episodes of the seventh season, but here are a few tidbits for you:

7.19 Big Shots – a Catherine-centered episode involving a limo driver shot to death in his vehicle which then crashes outside a club, nearly hitting a group of contestants in a Miss Nevada beauty pageant, and a young girl hit by (possibly) the same limo earlier.  This episode probably also continues the arc involving Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) as one case or another in this episode also involves the brother of the man Greg hit with a car last year. This episode may air on April 12th.

7.21 Ending Happy
– The case surrounds the whorehouse murder of a mean ex-boxer named Happy Morales who had a major flatulence problem. Morales has been bludgened, poisoned, shot by an arrow as well as drowned, none of which are the cause of death. Hodges (Wallace Langham) wants to get the actual method of death named “Hodges Syndrome” after himself.  “Getting fellated into anaphylactic shock – that can’t possibly be in the books yet.”

All of these spoilers are, as usual, rather sketchy and/or subject to change. CSI producers seem to be cracking down recently on many of their production leaks and casting sides released to the public, but we’ll keep you informed if there’s anything new on these and other episodes.  

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