With only a few episodes left and the fate of the series still hanging in the balance, will Gilmore Girls be able to wrap up the season to the fans’ satisfaction, or will we be left hanging? Do they even have time to wrap it up properly?

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello says that Lorelai will finally return to Luke’s diner for the first time in a year, in the episode slated to air April 17th. Will Luke and Lorelai make up? At least Lorelai can get her regular coffee fix again.

On tonight’s episode 7.17, “Gilmore Girls Only,”  Lorelai goes to North Carolina for the wedding of her old friend and mentor Mia, who took Lorelai and Rory in at the Independence Inn when they left Richard and Emily’s house so many years ago.

After having another big fight with Logan over his business problems, Rory decides to go to the wedding too. And Emily insists on coming along as well, saying she’s sick of taking care of Richard and wants to go to a spa near the wedding site.

At the wedding, Emily is jealous of Mia’s close bond with the younger Gilmores. Lorelai finds out that Emily once asked Mia for pictures of the young Rory. Logan shows up to apologize to Rory.

Back in Star’s Hollow, Zack and Lane invite Luke over for dinner and parenting advice, and ask him to be the godfather of their children. Lane goes into labor with the twins.

Sean Gunn appears as Star’s Hollow’s favourite Renaissance man, Kirk Gleason. The part of Mia was played by Elizabeth Franz five years ago but is played by Kathy Baker in this episode.

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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