ABC has an interesting forgiveness policy for their actors:  star on a major flop, get switched to an a-list show.  First, it was Taye Diggs, whose ill fated Day Break died after only a few episodes of its already limited run.  Outcome?  Taye Diggs will now star in the special two hour episode of Grey’s Anatomy which is expected to end with Kate Walsh’s character leaving Grey’s for her own sitcom.  Now, Tim Daly, whose flop The Nine lived slightly longer than Day Break, but died a dismal death of ratings deprivation, is sizing scrubs for a role on the Grey’s Anatomy progeny.  But that’s not all!  Read on to find out what Prison Break star may be preparing to don a lab jacket and stethoscope for the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy launch.

Paul Adelstein, Prison Break‘s Paul Kellerman, is in top secret negotiations to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy later this season.  It is not clear if his character will be one of the players that crosses over into the all new spin off show, or not, but he will certainly be playing a doctor if the deal is sealed.  This of course is a spoiler for Prison Break fans, albeit an enigmatic one.

Not a ton of information exists on what the plot, or even the title, is of the new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off but one thing is for sure, ABC is sparing no expense to give the spin off the benefit of some familiar faces.  With their most recent failures aside, Diggs and Daly are talented, well respected actors with tremendous presence, the kind of presence that fits eerily well into medical dramas.  Adelstein is a bit of a reach to imagine as anything other than a creep-a-zoid.  Sure, he’s played nice guys before, but Kellerman has become the epitome of back stabbing scum bag in it for himself.

Spin-offs have proven a lucrative, yet extremely risky endeavor for networks in the past.  Sometimes they are phenomenally successful, often times they fail.  The trick seems to be finding a dramatic identity that distances the spin-off from the original, without losing the basic flavor.  Too much of the original recipe and you wind up with “more of the same”.  Already you can see that ABC has made the smart move of building what appears to be a male dominated cast to balance Grey’s Anatomy‘s powerful female leads.  All I can say is, this spin off gets more and more intriguing by the day,

– Jon Lachons, BuddyTV Senior Writer
– Source, MSNBC
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